April 30, 2018


My week was AWESOME! I had SOOOOO MUCH FUN being with my bff elder Farroñan, Farruko, Farro, or any other version of that name.
It was an awesome, but very stressful week. We did four different moves, went to Cochabamba 6 times, and had one major opps with the financiero… but we fixed it, no worries 🙂
Tuesday we had cambios so we went to the assistants house on Monday night to stay with them and ended up playing Risk!! It was super fun…as always, Estes and I tied because we are so even we didn’t just want to keep playing for hours and hours. HAHA So we called it a tie – a GREAT way to end the companionship:) I love that guy!
We went Tuesday at 8 to Witupiku and ate there and then at 10 went to the stake center in Universidad. We waited there for our comps, then went to the airport to welcome the guys from the zone who were coming in from outside of Cocha.
Wednesday all we did was move. We are trying to get new areas opened in our zone and so we are getting new companionships all set up in new areas. We went to pick up furniture and the roads were ALL BLOCKED OFF– LIKE SERIOUSLY BLOCKED OFF due to all of the protests against Evo. So we drove around for like 6 hours and then finally found a road to take. It was great – well, at least we had fun:)
Thursday we did more moves and some finances:)))
Friday Farroñan was like deathly ill. So basically I helped him puke and anything else to help him out:)
Saturday was fun -we finally got to work, so that was nice. We found a family of six, so that was awesome! We put some baptismal dates for some investigators and so we will be seeing some progress in the area!!! I am super excited to be working here in Quillacollo! We will be seeing if I stay my last six weeks here:)
We chose a theme for the zone and its Proverbs 29:25. We are going to focus on not fearing man, but being fearless missionaries and remembering our calling. When we don’t fear man, we can choose the harder right and be able to move this work forward:)
I LOVE YOU ALL!!! I pray for you every day!!! You are the best 🙂
Elder Hammond

April 23, 2018


We had some fun citas and a lot of goodbyes from Estes:)
This week there was a TON of good food:))) We made some chili, apple pie, no bake cookies, and some YUMMY brownies!!!! Tried lamb for the first time also!
We found a new family and they are AWESOME!! They have amazing potential:)))
We also have an investigator who is SUPER ready to be baptized, JOSE. He is hilarious – we found him knocking doors. He lives with his brother and they are SOOO awesome- they really read and ask great questions.
We had conference where President taught and it was so inspiring.
We had some intercambios and I was with elder Gill, who is great:) He was brand new a year ago and I was his first intercambio then – So it was cool to see how much someone can grow in a year.
We have some new areas opening within our zone, so we were resonsible to go house hunting-not my favorite pastime. We also had some legal stuff to get through with several new contracts, so that was interesting.
I got a little stomach bug so that stunk, but I’m feeling a LOT better now.
I have vey exciting news – we just got our cambios and I am going to be with Farroñan!!! IM SO EXCITED!!!! We came out together and have almost always been near each other. I love this guy more than anyone in the mission and he is a super dedicated high performer…so President is letting us work together to see just what we can do 🙂
We had the baptism of Dolly on Saturday and it was SO SPIRITUAL. The spirit was SOOO STRONG for everyone in attendance, it was awesome!

I love the mission. I love the work. the sacrifices, and the rewards.
I love the Lord and love this church and the restored gospel. I love my older brother Jesus Christ. I have felt his influence in my life and I hope ALL of you guys can feel it too in the work you are doing.
I love you ALL!!!

April 16, 2018


Hello all,

Hope you had a great week and are enjoying the wonderful month of April.

  This week was good and eventful. On Tuesday we had a zone meeting with a couple of good classes. I have been in this zone for quite some time now and I am really good friends with all of them. We have transfers next week and I think that a lot are leaving! I’m happy with the performance of all the missionaries here and I feel like I have learned a lot from each of them. We are having SO MUCH FUN serving together!!!!
(Some crafts we did with Primary kids:)
IMG_1636[1] (1)
  On Wednesday I went on an exchange with Elder Tellez from Colombia. Elder Tellez is working on his English and so we talked in English the whole day. It was kind of fun:)
  Thursday we had a long normal day with a couple great visits. We met a very nice new family and had a family home evening with them. They said they have lots of friends who they want to introduce to the Gospel. SUPER PUMPED FOR THEM!!!
  Friday, we spent the day checking people’s houses to make sure they didn’t need anything and that their houses were clean. We bought a lot of materials and got a lot done. In the evening we played some basketball with one of our investigators and had some fun with him.
  Saturday, we did something kind of different. We went to a big plaza, and Estes got out his chess board. I put up a sign that said ‘If you win I give you 10 b’s (like a dollar fifty), if you lose you listen to us for 5 minutes’. It was a total success! In about 20 minutes there was a crowd of people around us, and we got to have great conversations with them about the Gospel. It was a fun and creative way for us to find new people. And he didn’t lose a single game of chess HAHAHAHA it was sweet!!!!
  Today we played some good soccer with a couple other missionary zones. Also,we made zone-shirts with everybody’s name and a personalized picture on the back. They’re pretty cool, and I got some good pictures. It was a great week!!!
I have been studying a lot about forgiveness and especially Elder Bednar’s talk from conference – its so awesome!!! I LOVE IT!!! It is so good!!! I need to be better and I know that, and now it’s just a matter of having faith and changing :))) I love you all.  Have a  great week- Be selfless and help someone this week!!!
Elder Hammond
More random Bolivia pics ( hahahaha):

April 9, 2018

When an elder shows up in a random Duke shirt!


This week was great!

Tuesday we had leadership counsel and we learned about some awesome stuff… actually president literally gave a three hour class on who are the Jews and Lamanites and Gentiles… LIKE LITERALLY 129,734,692 scriptures to read and then reflect on. I learned some good stuff!

I am still on that gen conf high! I LOVED IT!! I am going through my notes and its the bomb! I am learning so much about forgiveness and it has been helping me become a better teacher and missionary. We got invited to speak at a seminar for ministers so we will see if we can go and take advantage of the opportunity.

The rest of the week was fun. We had district meetings and zone meetings. I was able to give a class on repentance and feeling godly sorrow and it was DOPE. People cried, the spirit was so strong! I truly felt that I am called to call people to repentance and I LOVE THAT CALLING!! Just showing people how and providing that hope for these people is so awesome!! It makes me feel the Savior’s love.
I love my Savior so much. I have been reflecting a lot on His life and His teachings and I just appreciate Him so much. Just meditating more has really brought a love for Jesus Christ into my life. To think about him always is our commandment and I am not the best at that, but I am trying!

April 2, 2018


Baptism of the Lord’s newest converts/future stake president & wife 🙂


This week’s General Conference was great! I loved it! I need to be more meek and loving to all people, to forgive more and to do that more often!!!

I am also working on trying to teach Gospel lessons through life experiences.
This week I had the parable of the burned feet JHAJHAHA

We went and played beach volleyball last Monday and I was totally prepared. I took sunscreen and put it on my face, especially nose, on my neck and arms and even on my calves. I was super pumped to not burn and it was nice! We played and after I felt fine! I had a ton of fun and we won a LOT.
We got home and my feet were hurting and I was like, “wow, my shoes are tied tightly! and then I took them off and my feet were ROASTED. Just so red – it was bad.

That definitely applies to our lives.
Sometimes we realize our weaknesses. we can realize that we are going to be tempted in some way, and so we prepare for that. We get ready and fortify those parts of our lives and personalities and keep fortifying!
But sometimes we just forget or don’t fortify something – because we KNOW we would never be tempted in that area. Maybe satan has never tempted me in that way before and so when it does come, I get burned. In Alma 50 it talks about Moroni not only fortifying the cities that were big but also the weak ones! That’s why we need to be careful and fortify all parts of our lives against the sneak attacks of the devil:)

On another front, I have gotten way better at being less competitive in sports. Like seriously I don’t take anything seriously!! and…it’s awesome:) Today was the first day I ever spiked a volleyball and my comp was like, “WHAT? You can hit well?” and I was like,  “Uhhh I did play Varsity Men’s Volleyball for four years.” HAHAHAHA
I just like passing and making other people make the plays. He is starting to find out that I let people win often… like in chess. I let a LOT of people beat me, so they feel good. It’s so funny now because after he wins at something he’s  like, “WAIT, Elder! Did you LET me win?????” It’s great:)
I love you guys!! I am going to be working on trying to receive more revelation for our zone and for our investigators:) I love you all! Please love the lord and love others!

March Madness

Update: March was a GREAT month of Braden’s mission, but we did not really receive typical emails detailing specifics, due to the situation described below.

Braden had some exciting news in March…he was accepted at Duke University for this coming fall. For a few weeks he spent most of his allotted time online discussing his decision (BYU or Duke) with us and reading about program options at Duke. After much prayer, consideration and some strong counsel (actually, it was an unapologetic command) from his Mission President, Braden is SO EXCITED to be a Blue Devil in the fall!

Image result for duke 2022

Braden will be attending Duke for his undergrad and majoring in Public Policy.

His sister, Emi is beyond thrilled that they will be together again!!

We do have some pictures that were sent from a hike up to some remote mountain villages :


March 5, 2018

The weekly email (not weakly email). HAHA

This week went well – we had a  great week! Today we went to Tunari to hike – look it up on goolge, it’s nuts!!! We thought “oh for sure it`ll take us like 4 hours!” HAHAHA. It took us 12 – it was about 15 miles of serious hiking!! It was so worth it -beautiful and amazing:)
This week went really well. Victor is just amazing and progressing so much! He is growing like crazy and his fam is just awesome!!! They invited us Sunday to their house to have a birthday party for Melisa their daughter. The visit was so fun and the food was SOOOOO GOOD! We had a pique and a TON of mocochinchi! I LOVE that drink:) its dried peaches in cinnamon water and its SOOO GOOOD!!!!
They are planning on getting baptized on the 17th. So, if you want to write them something you totally can! ;)))
This was the week of parties and INTERCAMBIOS! I went back to Bella Vista and it was AWESOME! I got to see some of the people that were baptized when I was there and find out how they were doing. It was super cool! We taught super well and had a powerful lesson with a family of new converts. We taught about the baptismal covenant and how important it is to make it and keep it.
We also taught several families that are moving into the ward. We have a new hermana in the ward named Andrea who is AWESOME! She is so capa and just amazing. She knows everything!!!! She is awesome! We are working on teaching her family – her dad is a naval general — but Bolivia doesn’t actually touch an ocean SOOOO ?? HAHA

A great joke not to tell a Bolivian “por que los Bolivianos no tienen novias?… porque no tienen derecho al mar” HAHAHAHAHA derecho amar. Oh, Spanish puns. They kill me.
This week we are going to film a day in the life and then send it to you so you all can see what we do, yeah?
I love you all! Praying for you!!!
My health stuff is 100% now – So I’m all good. I even can get back to push ups now with my rib:) Thank you for the prayers. I feel so much better!