Late Letter- 9/7/2017

HELLOOOOOOOO everyone!!!

This week was super great -we worked hard and are loving life. We talked a lot with president, so that was super cool! We had our office meeting with him and one of the best parts was that he ASKED FOR MY REPLACEMENT!! whohoo!!!! I love it here, but also, I am totally ready to go back out to the field and be a “normal” missionary working with people all day. We had some awesome experiences here in the offices and are really focusing on having the spirit with us. That has been our goal in the offices – that we only do things that help us keep the spirit with us.

This week I got to sing in three different musical numbers and play in one too! So that was AWESOME!!! I love singing so much -hahaha- I really miss choir. It’s always fun to sing here and help people feel the spirit! We have really been working with the members so that THEY can be missionaries and talk to people in their daily lives about the church. I think that this is the most important job for the members! Some goofy missionaries say, “If the members did their job, we would not have to contact.” That’s so WRONG!!! The members are here to talk to people and be examples and help prepare the investigators, but if the missionaries worked with just the referrals than we OBVIOUSLY aren’t doing our job. You guys keep up the good work:)) We have been really feeling your prayers and they are translating into blessing and AMAZING spiritual experiences. We had the opportunity to give some super cool blessings to some people this past week.

We also gave some awesome service- We got to help a family that had a huge tree fall and totally wreck their house! It was sad for them, but we helped find them another house and helped move their things. I just love serving people… and not just because it helps me to not sit behind a desk all day

I love you all!!!!!!! Sorry for the late email! We have been running in and out of the hospital and consejo stuff that I just forgot and then didn’t have time to send one after! SORRY!!!

Love you all!

Elder Hammond


September 4, 2017

*Elder Hammond did email some pictures and asked lots of questions to check on us after the flooding in our home due to Hurricane Harvey. He indicated that he would send an email, but that one of the elders had broken his arm and they would need to head to the hospital to help take care of the paperwork and the elder. We did not receive a letter – I’m sure he just had too much to take care of – but he said everything was going well and he was happily as busy as ever.

P-Day soccer workout:


SO happy becuase he found some mac-n-cheese at a store:

The zone went on a paintballing excursion a few weeks back – he sent the picture of ‘the best welt’:


August 28, 2017

Hello everyone!! First of all, I am SOOO sorry that I didn’t write last week!!! I´ve repented and am going to do better!!!!

This last week was AWESOME! We really have been working hard here in the offices. We had quite a few major problems (no money, people in the hospital, president in Peru and we couldn’t call.) But it was fun running the mission. Now I know how stinking hard it must be to be a president!!
It was a good week and we learned a TONNNNN!!! we also actually got to work a TON in the area this week!
We went to la Chimba this Friday to go contact and help them find new investigators and I just LOVE contacting. It brings such a challenge to the work but its new every time!!! We contacted all day Friday and then Saturday came around and we are doing this new thing where we contact and LOAN out Books of Mormon.
We have found if we give someone a Book of Mormon (BOM) then they are more likely to be like,  “oh, OK. It’s mine, I´ll read it later” and then forget about it! Taking the BOM lightly is not a good thing, so we loan a BOM to the people with a copy of the 23 questions the BOM answers and we say “we will be back in three days. If you read it you can keep having the book, but if you don’t then we will take it back because its important!” AND ITS SO COOL – We contacted and were doing that and we had SO MUCH SUCCESS!!! We were in a taxi and passed a house where we did that and the dude was out on his porch reading it. AHHHHH IT WAS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!! I love the BOM and the act of just going out and talking about the church. It’s the BEST!! We found some cool families, so I hope we will have a lot of success teaching this week!
I also have been focusing on having the spirit and watching the blessings of the lord come. I realized more and more that we can’t just pray for blessings and then sit back and watch them come, but we have to go out and get them! I really have been focusing on being positive in the midst of everything going on:) I LOVE the example of President Hinckley who would just go out and be happy and positive no matter what!!!!
I love you all! Keep being examples of the believer and open your mouths to share the gospel, or just the church, or just share something cool:))

Love you all!!!

Elder Hammond
Some pics from our recent paintball p-day:

August 21, 2017

Braden’s week was very hectic and he sent the following pics and the message – “I am GREAT! Sorry, I need to go take care of some things for President.”

These pics were titled, “When you accidentally get teargassed because you are in the wrong place at the wrong time”…apparently there was a political protest that they accidentally walked behind.

More pics from the office:



August 14, 2017

HELLO EVERYONE! It’s the week of cambios!!!! I hope everyone is having a great week-We had a lot of good experiences:)

I guess that I don’t really talk about our investigators much… sorry! I am going to repent of that and be better about it. Basically we have three families that we are teaching after our office work.
1. Georgina- georgina is AWESOME she and her kids are super cool. She actually wasn’t married and was living with her boyfriend and we taught her that that was wrong and she just decided to break everything off! She prayed and knew it would be the best thing to do!!! So she left her whole life behind, brought her kids and wanted to be baptized. We were SO HAPPY for her because we had fasted and prayed a TON!!!! BUT satan also works hard and her old bf.. not the best person… left her all of the debts of his bank account. She has been working SOOO hard and hasn’t gotten a paycheck for two months! She didn’t have any money and basically had disappeared. She never answered her phone and never opened the door. BUT on Saturday we had the impression to pass by! We convinced her little boy to let us in and we talked to her and found all of this stuff out. We also were told that it was her little girl’s bday! Georgina was super sad because she didnt have any money for cake or presents. So we went and bought a GIANT Moana play set and an icecream cake for her little girl and had a birthday party. I mean we have zero money too, but I KNOW that when we sacrifice for the wellbeing of others, we are ALWAYS blessed. Georgina really felt the spirit and was just so grateful and cried and that made us cry HAHA it was the best day ever in cobija!!!!

IMG_12942. Jessi and Justi- they are super cool, a mom and her daughter. We have been teaching them for the whole time I have been here. Last week we had the impression to let the hermanas in our ward teach them, but we both were like “nahh we teach well too.” It turned out to be a lesson in humility and in trusting God’s plan. This week, we asked the hermanas to come with us in a cita and teach and IT WENT SO WELL!! I guess just the whole women thing HELPED SO MUCH!! and I am so tankful that God has given us the spirit. because we´d be TOAST without it!!!!

I really have been focusing on that – being worthy to have the spirit. which means to never have bad thoughts or do anything against the Lord’s will. It is so hard to have the spirit with you always, but I am trying.

3. Gabi´s mom and family.  Gabi is a convert and her family members aren’t baptized yet, so we go and teach them all.  They are super great and are progressing. They have a date for the second Saturday in September:)


Those are the main progressing peeps. I seriously love being able to teach!


heres my quote of the week:
Do not misunderstand. Repentance is not easy or painless or convenient. It is a bitter cup from Hell. But only Satan, who dwells there, would have you think that a necessary and required acknowledgment is more distasteful than permanent residence. Only he would say, “You can’t change. You won’t change. It’s too long and too hard to change. Give up. Give in. Don’t repent. You are just the way you are.” That, my friends, is a lie born of desperation. Don’t fall for it. – Jeffery R. Holland


Elder Hammond 🙂

August 7,2017

IMG_1278HEllllloooooo everyone!! love you guys:)
My week went well.. Seirously, I don’t remember what happened- we are SO busy! HAHA. I know we had consejo which was awesome! We were mostly in the offices and just worked hard:) I did some reports!

On Wednesday my new compi came!!! Elder Barboza came and he is super awesome!! He was a zone leader and was one of the bests. He is SUPER awesome! I love going and teaching with him, because you can see he just has power -that’s super cool! I know I am going to learn a LOT from working with him! I AM HAPPY to learn from him:)

I love it here:) I am so happy! I love you guys too! You guys are awesome! Keep up the great example for me and ALL of the other people who are out there watching you!!!

Keep your thoughts virtuoso!!! LOVE YOU!
Elder Hammond

“While it is called TODAY”

HELLOOOO everyone! I am super sorry I wasn’t able to write on Monday – We had several emergencies and I had A TON of stuff to do in the offices. Working in the offices means our P-Day gets moved around sometimes-based on the needs of President and other elders. However, my week went well!!!
We got to teach a TON of new people so that was cool. We found three new families that want to follow the example of Jesus Christ- so that’s super happy. I LOVE working here. There are definitely lots of opportunities to learn and grows, but it is SOOO worth it!!! We should be having some baptisms this next Saturday so that is so EXCITING! I really have grown to love our investigators here and I can TOTALLY see how the hand of God has prepared them to meet us! I love it here:)))
I got to teach a Class in Consejo de Lideres (Leadership Council for the mission) so that was fun! I had worked hard and was very prepared and I went to President the night before and said, “Hey President, this is a ten minute class right?” He replies, “… uh, no, it’s 45.” HAHA But it went well and now I feel like people are motivated to contact their referrals:)
Elder Barboza is his name and he is sadly not a pirate, but an AWESOME PERUVIAN MISSIONARY! He is super cool! I have met him before and love this guy! I am excited to see how he fits in here at the offices:)
In other news, this week we played soccer very hard, so that was a very unstressing thing:) BUT the hypermaxi ran out of rootbeer, … sad.
DSCF7743[1] (1)
We had a really cool experience this week. One of the missionaries came to the office and had some things to tell president and sadly had to go home, but he talked to us and told us some things that made me think a LOT!!! He talked about how if he would have realized his calling that he would have served with his heart. As I pondered that, I felt so sad, because I’m guessing that is how many of us will be before God. “Yeah, I did know that I was supposed to be a member missionary, but I didn’t know what that meant – didn’t feel it in my heart.” That’s … Sad! I feel like we all should be “examples of the believers”. One of my favorite scriptures, idk if I have shared this with you, its in D&C 64:25
  25 Wherefore, if ye believe me, ye will labor while it is called atoday.
I LOVE YOU ALL!! be good examples while it is TODAY!
Elder Hammond