December 4, 2017

My week went really well- it went by super fast. Saturday and Sunday were a bit boring because we were in our house the whole day due to the national elections and directions from President. We could go to the pension for lunch and then back. On Sunday they invited us over to watch the BYU channel. We watched the OLD church videos and they were hilarious and really actually powerful. It was a different kind of fun weekend.

7C13EFCE-1532-4745-B32C-E60EF3B66914During the week we had a choir practice, which actually is going really well. haha The zone is singing a mashup of some hymns and I am playing piano, which I havent actually done in four months… so thats interesting. HAHA
We are working with the same investigators. We founda family, actually who were super cool! We found them right after practice, we were all just singing parts and a man came up to us and was like “you guys sound good,  keep it up!” The zone like contacted him together and he lives in our area!! HA It was funny:)

We got our road asphalted and before doing that we had to go CLEAN THE DIRT ROAD HAHAHAHAHA.

So it was us and a bunch of cholitas out sweeping the road – sweeping the dust off of the dirt road HAHAHAHAH That was like the funniest thing I’ve seen in a LONG time.

5A63932A-B234-4EF5-B29C-38632EC64AC0Some converts are about to leave for the misison here, so that is super fun for me to see.

I love you guys. Thanks for all of your support and love!!
Keep being examples and love others!!!

Also – shoutout to Valerie in texas on your baptism!! You´re choosing the best option in life:)

Light the world!!!!!

Elder Hammond


“We can’t direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails. For maximum happiness, peace, and contentment, may we choose a positive attitude.”


November 30, 2017

Hi everyone – My week was awesome!!! We had an actual Thanksgiving! We actually didn’t plan anything, but it was funny how it all turned out!

We had an intercambió (division) with the other elders and Elder Stevens from Las Vegas was with me in Villa Mexico. We went to the pension and she had made us mashed potatoes and chicken that was pretty dang close to turkey!!! IT WAS SO GOOD! It was awesome and definitely a blessing from the Lord:) Sometimes when the mission is hard, the Lord just sends something your way to feel: yep, this is so awesome. I love being here!

We just have been working hard. My health has been amazing, thanks to your prayers!!!! I love you guys!
We have been working on finding solid new investigators and being able to set baptismal dates. It is key for us to set those goals so people work towards them. We have had a TONNNNN of lessons on goals and why we set them-it hs been a great learning experience for me.

I am kind of sad that the cambios are in two weeks so one of us is leaving. I am hoping that if it is me, I  just go where ever the Lord sends me. We had an awesome intercambio yesterday with the Lindo elders. I was with elder Clayton, a new gringo who is SOO FUNNY. Seriously I haven’t spoken english so much or laughed so hard in a long time. I love that guy:) We went to Lindo and got to just contact, had some citas. We set some fechas and met some really cool people, including a pastor from some church that just wanted to bible bash. I havent done hat in a while now- it actually was cool to turn it into a spiritual lesson and we were able to get the guy to say he would pray about it.

ELDER POMA’S DAD GOT BAPTIZED! so that’s AWESOME – he is so happy and just motivated! Your prayers are all paying off now:)
I love you! I love life and really love the mission!!! I am working hard to finish strong (I know I have a lot of time left;)) I am so thankful for your prayers!!! YES my health is back to 100%,  no worries;) hahah LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

Elder Hammond

Nov 20, 2017

E2601EDF-D24D-445D-BE9C-8D7356E54CADHELLOOO everyone!!

Sorry for not writing, but the last week went well!!  I have included some pics from the pension – they are the coolest family in Bolivia.  They are hilarious and I love them a ton!!

We have been working with some families, teaching the familia Ramirez and their kids and the familia Gutierrez. We have citas with them every Tuesday and Thursday and they are awesome.  We just got to set a fecha for the 23 of dec with the familia Gutierrez!! I just really love them- they are so humble and loving and just the best investigators.

We are contacting like crazy! We made a new rule that as soon as we leave the house in the morning we have to talk to everyone we see. Sometimes we are still on our road after two hours. HAHAHA. However, it is helping so much!!!

17D4C95A-7265-44ED-960C-A7A29CF121B8We are working hard and loving the lord!
Poma is doing great and is becoming an amazing missionary.  I love this guy so much!
We are just trying to dedicate ourselves to the work and love everything that comes our way! 🙂 I love you and am so thankful for all of you.  Eat some awesome turkey for me:) one of the last holidays until I’m home!! hahaha WHOOOOOOO

LOVE you all!!!!
Elder Jamon

October 23 &30, Nov 6, 2017

HELLLOOOOOO everyone! I dont have much time, because we dont knowif we have a interecambio or not. We have an Elder in our district that has been really sad, so Presidetn said that the another new Elder might come with us and we will see if we can help out. Thats could be fun!!!
A tradition here is that every intercambio you have to climb this mountain and take some awesome pics! So I was taking an elder up there and we climb up the first part and THEN he tells me he is super afraid of heights. At this point, we couldn’t turn back, so that was a little rough. I literally dragged him up the whole thing- the only way down was to go up then take the road down. Anyway, that was an experience that actually taught me a lot.

I am so happy to be here! We are working hard. I have been quite sick, so that stinks, but I’m trying to be positive. Elder Poma is doing really well, so that’s awesome. HE is progressing a tonnn!! We should have a baptism this weekend or the next so I am super happyfor them:))) I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!
Elder Hammond

October 30

Hello everyone. This week was awesome. I am NOT sick anymore so that’s huge. We actually had a bounadary change, SO our baptism for this saturday was in another ward, but we got to go see and it was AWESOME. I was so happy for him!! We are going to have another baptism the next Sat, so the Lord really is blessing us!!!

We had a seventy come to the mission and it was amazing! We got to go to 2 special conference with him – I learned a lot and was motivated a ton. We were taught about being worthy to have the placa (wear the tag) and how to be “representatives” of Christ! It was so cool he gave a lot of hard words to the disobedient elders. He spoke a lot about faith and the power to move mountains. It really impacted me and realizing that I have access to the power of God by knowing that He can work through me.

But yeah, my week was just working hard and lovig people…
You guys all know me.. I like to push myself hard. And sometimes I think that other people should be pushed exactly like me. With elder poma I was pushing him very hard for a few days and then I reallized that it was not helping. I realized that sometimes we can’t push people to success. BUT we can love them and JUST support them. It is something I wish I would have done when I was home.. but I have seen how when we JUST and ONLY support people and love them they can change and progress. Now, comparing poma with other elders —he is SOOO AMAZING!!! like he is doing SO WELL!!! I love this guy! He def has taught me more than I have taught him;) hahaha

Keep being GREAT examples for me!!!
Elder Hammond


Well I learned a LOT his week. Sometimes I feel like I am learning and then God is like “Hey, can you learn a bit faster?” HAHAHA

Sometimes the tests come and they come hard! We spent some of this week with Victoria and Josue who are going to be baptized on Saturday! We have been teaching them a lot and they are GREAT. I really have felt all of your prayers for them!  I LOVE YOU ALL! Thank you!
We contacted a bunch and we got a lot of new families.  I was in the hiospital overnight, but the funny part is that my nurses now are going to be investigators HAHAHA – gotta always stay on your game, no matter what.

I am fine now. I’ve had a few parasite issues for a few months and my body finally gave up and started an infection. Systemic strep, maybe?  I was only there and on IVs for one night and I’m all good. I learned a lot from Poma. I was SO DEAD, like totally exhausted and poma comes in at like 8 am (I was ordered to sleep for a couple days) and every three minutes… “hey lets go work?” HAHAHA the same thing I did to him when he was sad and struggling to keep moving. hahahahaha

It was SO COOL, we would just go work until I couldn’t move. Then we would come back and after a few hours.. “hey lets go to work?” That has become our motto. Both of us have been pretty dead sick but “hey lets go work?”

We did spend an hour or so watching 17 miracles and literally both of us were BAWLING. Poma goes ” you know they had it a lot worse” HAHA ITs so true!!

We have been studying the pioneers together and how they ARE our Moses exudus story. Like Nefi and ALL of the other BOM prophets ALWAYS say “but I never forgot the hand of the Lord with Moses” Or “They forgot but I didnt”. I have always thought, “ok, but like WHO CARES? Live your own life.”  BUT we realized that when the prophets or people didnt forget or ‘always remembered’ the Lord’s hand in the exodus, it kept them focused and on it. They remembered the blessings that come from obedience and it helped them stay righteous. The Pioneers are OUR forefather that we need to remember! And I love them. They amaze me. I feel like I could never be worthy to be with them. Their amazing examples of faith and love and patience cannot be forgotten!

We are working hard and being obedient and are seeing the blessings here
I love you all!! keep being awesome!!!! Also cambios happened and we are staying together:)))

Elder Hammond

ALSO SHOUTOUT to Justin for finishing strong for his mission in Russia and returning with honor:))

pics from a paintball event:

October 15, 2017

How are you all doing???
My week was awesome! We spent a lot of time in the psychologist for my comp and clinic for me— I’m having the chance to do another parasite treatment and am feeling much better now 🙂  but it was a good week!

We were able to work a few days and we worked hard!!! We are really learning to be a team, to love one another and to be happy with the success of the other:) We are really becoming brothers and I love that! I love that about the mission because you can be put with a random guy and become his brother in the course of two weeks. Just being one in purpose does that to ya:)))

We found a family that is really cool! Jamil is a recent conveert of the area and we are teaching his family! They are so prepared and really have the desires to change and that is something we can work with!!! I really have learned so much with emlder Poma I am so happy that he is my comp. I hope you all know I am working hard and being obedient:) I love you all so so much!!
Keep being faithful and happy!
Elder HAmmond

October 9, 2017

HELLLLOOOOO everyone!!!! My week was really interesting. We had a lot of fun working HARD. I am in Villa Mexico Dos, but it mainly Pucata Alta y K`ara K`ara which are the two big pueblos. It’s kinda dangerous, but fun. I really LOVE the people here and the members are amazing! They have helped us so much. I am back with Farroñan in the zone, so that’s fun. We have been together the whole mission now- haha.
We are mostly just finding new people to teach. We had a really nice old cholita come to church on Sunday, so that was cool.  We might have a baptism that the other elders passed us for the 28th.  Living life and loving life. Elder Poma, my new companion, is really working hard on staying focused and not complaining – so that’s awesome! He has already gotten WAY better!! We are getting along super well. I think from each of the challenging comps I have learned different skills and it is all coming to the test here with Poma:) He has so much desire to love the pèople and work hard, so that’s what we are going to do!!!

I am great! Actually super cool story this week, well two.

1. So I got stung by a scorpion three times in the middle of the night. I woke up for REAL when it was stinging me the second time and then as I was like whatttttt?! it got me again…. so I killed it, and then I was in a ton of pain. It was already super swollen and red, and I literally prayed outside and was like “Heavenly Father I am trying to be obedient I am trying to be patient, but it’s taking a toll on me. I don’t know what I’m going to do, but this hurts and if it’s poisonous, I will like die in the time it takes us to get to Cocha… please just help me. And if it’s not, then I just hope it heals fast and isn’t overly itchy, so I can love Elder Poma tomorrow without stress. And I went to bed and actually fell asleep and then woke up and just have three red dots and NOTHING ELSE!!! It was all gone, so that was super awesome and I am so thankful that God blessed me:) I know that sometimes the trail seems unbearable and that is when we can REALLY and TRULY humble ourselves and then ask for help.

2. Our pension is AWESOME! They are this humble family of 8 and they are just so loving and AMAZING!! They have these super cute little kids and on Friday we were walking down the street with them and the little girl Marian was on her bike. I was right behind her and I just felt this impression to run to her and grab her. I was like ‘what?’ and the Spirit was like, “go grab her fast.”  I have learned here that you just obey, so I sprinted as FAST as I could and right as I was getting to her a Trufi came FLYING around the corner about to hit her. Luckily I grabbed her fast enough, but it was truly a miracle and I am so thankful the Spirit told us to do that. It was so scary!!!! The bike got hit and a little jacked up, but no one really got hurt.

We are loving the work and are working super hard! My compi is awesome and is going to be an amazing missionary:)


Elder Hammond

October 2, 2017

HELLO EVERYONE! How are you guys? I have had a very interesting week!

I LOVED CONFERENCE. Like it was one of the best conferences I have ever heard!

I absolutely loved the no judging and just loving with the pure love of Christ. I really felt like it was talking to me because I am going to need to be patient here:)
So, maybe you all have heard, but I am not in Sucre –haha. So… basically there was a trainer going to Sucre with this kid, and then the kid had some serious behavioral problems and because I hadn’t left on the plane yet, President put him with me. So I am training this guy and we are going to open an area called Villa Mexico… which is going to be fun- I am really excited!

So yeah, we are opening this area and it’s going to be a bit different but it is going to be a great experience. I am really excited!

Also, really sorry the internet stinks! I can’t send pics!! but I will try to have the secretaries send them tomorrow.

I love you all!! Be examples of the believers!!! Keep being amazing!!!!!!!!

Elder Hammond