“While it is called TODAY”

HELLOOOO everyone! I am super sorry I wasn’t able to write on Monday – We had several emergencies and I had A TON of stuff to do in the offices. Working in the offices means our P-Day gets moved around sometimes-based on the needs of President and other elders. However, my week went well!!!
We got to teach a TON of new people so that was cool. We found three new families that want to follow the example of Jesus Christ- so that’s super happy. I LOVE working here. There are definitely lots of opportunities to learn and grows, but it is SOOO worth it!!! We should be having some baptisms this next Saturday so that is so EXCITING! I really have grown to love our investigators here and I can TOTALLY see how the hand of God has prepared them to meet us! I love it here:)))
I got to teach a Class in Consejo de Lideres (Leadership Council for the mission) so that was fun! I had worked hard and was very prepared and I went to President the night before and said, “Hey President, this is a ten minute class right?” He replies, “… uh, no, it’s 45.” HAHA But it went well and now I feel like people are motivated to contact their referrals:)
Elder Barboza is his name and he is sadly not a pirate, but an AWESOME PERUVIAN MISSIONARY! He is super cool! I have met him before and love this guy! I am excited to see how he fits in here at the offices:)
In other news, this week we played soccer very hard, so that was a very unstressing thing:) BUT the hypermaxi ran out of rootbeer, … sad.
DSCF7743[1] (1)
We had a really cool experience this week. One of the missionaries came to the office and had some things to tell president and sadly had to go home, but he talked to us and told us some things that made me think a LOT!!! He talked about how if he would have realized his calling that he would have served with his heart. As I pondered that, I felt so sad, because I’m guessing that is how many of us will be before God. “Yeah, I did know that I was supposed to be a member missionary, but I didn’t know what that meant – didn’t feel it in my heart.” That’s … Sad! I feel like we all should be “examples of the believers”. One of my favorite scriptures, idk if I have shared this with you, its in D&C 64:25
  25 Wherefore, if ye believe me, ye will labor while it is called atoday.
I LOVE YOU ALL!! be good examples while it is TODAY!
Elder Hammond

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