July 24 – Happy Pioneer Day

Hello everyone! My week went really well -I am really happy:)DSCF7712[1]

We have been trying, more and more, to be focused on having the spirit with us and loving others. Finding their needs and adapting the lesson to suit those needs and try to help. We really felt like we COULDN’T just be robot missionaries who “leaned unto our own understanding” but we had to be servants and true representatives of the Lord.

I love this work. I know that God helps us in everything. We have been focusing on teaching the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ. We teach the restoration through Joseph Smith…but what he helped to bring back was the Lord’s Priesthood and the Restored GOSPEL of Jesus Christ. He brought back a knowledge of how we can be saved through Christ! He was able to receive revelation so we can do the things we need to do to return to the presence of God! That is the important part! Through Joseph Smith, Jesus Christ brought back the sealing ordinances so that we can be families FOREVER! I love this church because WE HAVE THIS JOY. the joy of the knowledge that We are going to be together forever! I am so happy when I think about this -because its literally the best blessing ever!!!DSCF7678[1]

This week was fun because we were in a trio. An elder came to go to the hospital and so he was with us:) we worked hard and did some fun divisions with others! SO we got lots of new investigators and are trying to work well with them. We had an AWESOME lesson with a family who all want to be baptized -so that is super cool!!! PLEASE pray for Georgina. She was one of the best investigators ever, and now has disappeared. So, we need to find her and see what is going on. Please help with that!!DSCF7705[1]

I also had an amazing opportunity to attend the temple with daisy! Not suret if you all remember her baptism from Bella Vista, but she is doing GREAT!!!! Going to the temple was awesome. Her family is starting to listen to the missionaries and her siblings want to be baptized too. I am so happy for them because they are getting one step closer to being an eternal family!!!DSCF7682[1]

I love you all! BE examples of the believers!!

Elder Hammond


One thought on “July 24 – Happy Pioneer Day

  1. Braden you have no idea how happy it makes me to read your posts and see the pictures you send. I am so pleased to have such a fine young man, Missionary, serving in the Lord’s vineyard. After several years of picking real grapes in one of the Church vineyards in California, I can relate to how joyful it is to find and harvest a beautiful clump of grapes from the sand, dead leaves and ever present spiders, and know that one day that clump of grapes would be valuable raisins on someones dinner table. We never know the end results of our labor in the Lord’s vineyard, some times they don’t make it through the sandy shake down, the rinse water or the days in the hot sun that make them a very valuable raisin. But It is a lesson I remember every time I eat a raisin. I know what it once was and what it has become. and a valuable lesson not to judge those we are blessed to be around, for among. those who pass the sand, and spiders and are changed by the sun and endure to the end they will become a sweet, tasty and desirable Raisin who can bring flavor the Lords Kingdom.


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