July 17-

Hello everyone!!

I had a great week this week!!!! I have completed a WHOLE YEAR IN BOLIVIA! Its super nuts. I feel like it has gone by SOOOOOOO fast. Its kind of exciting and I’m mostly happy because it means I have a WHOLE YEAR LEFT!!! I really like it here:) I love the people, the culture and teaching the gospel!

I really had a great week! On Tuesday, we had some friends come in from the outside zones, and they came and stayed with us and we did some tramites.  (I honestly have no idea how to say that in English HAHA- It has to do with visas and like stuff so you can get into the pais and stuff:) You all got that right? like to get their carnet, which is like their IDs. HAHAHAH I have no idea. its tramites)


Anyway, it was fun because they were all new missionaries, and they were super fun to go and work with. We found a lot of people to teach and had some amazing miracles. There is a girl named Gabi who we are teaching. she has had a lot of problems, with alcohol, drugs, and that kinda stuff. And really has some problems with self esteem. She will meet with us, but says she doesn’t believe in God. I was just so sad for her because she is super cool and we just love her and she has so much potential.  We wanted to show her that, and that GOD loves her a TON! I feel like I had experienced some of this before the mission, with a few people (who obviously weren’t as sad or had as many problems), but Satan convinced them to have SUPER low self esteem, they worried about judgments, or people jumping on them for saying/doing something. I just KNEW that I had had these experiences so that I could help Gabi.

It was super cool we just went talked with her for like 30 mins. She was crying and talking about her problems, and so we just told her everything we loved about her! That she was awesome and amazing and had potential to be a SUCCESSFUL AMAZING daughter of god. That she could do anything she wanted to, and that she mattered. We were all just crying in the end, and it was a really spiritual lesson for me. It just really made me think of Christ. Because in His ministry, he did not just go and teach usually. He just went to the people and loved them. Christ didn’t go to preach and teach to the woman who committed sin, he just went, reached out to her, loved her and told her hey, You can do better. I LOVE THIS!!! I know that when we love people, we can help them feel the love of the Savior and change. I know that.

I had a really spiritual experience I want to share:
Sunday I had a lot to talk to the lord about. Just some personal thoughts and a LOT about our investigators. I probably prayed for like an hour and a half straight and it was SO cool because I was praying about what we need to teach a specific family, and a really odd thought came into my head  – teach the law of chastity. I was like, “haha what? why would I do that?” But then I asked God if we should teach that, and I received a powerful answer! We went and taught that lesson and IT WENT SO WELL!!! It was so weird, because the mom has hated that fact that we come teach and then we taught this and she was like, “okay I want to be baptized too.” I KNOW that revelation comes from God and that He directs this work. I KNOW that He loves his children and when we are WORTHY to have the spirit, the Lord can work miracles among us. PLEASE be worthy to have the spirit in your lives! Pray before you do ANYTHING important!!! the Lord will let you know what you need to do! Its the BESTTTT!!!!!

I love you all! seriously. Have a great week! Stay awesome:)))

Elder Hammond


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