7/3/2017 Visit back to Bella Vista

HEllloooo everyone! Today was SO HAPPY for me!!!! I finally got to go back to my first area – Bella Vista and got to see some families that I missed SO MUCH!! 

Its so weird on the mission – we just meet these people, gain all of this love for them and then we are out- on to the next area. Usually its hard for the missionaries to go back to visit, so I was so happy and lucky to be able to go see some converts and see that they actually stayed “Coverts”! 

This week was a bit nuts! We had lots of stuff going on. President hansen sadly was trying to clean up the mission before the other president came, so we sent a LOT of elders home 😦 But i think it was for the better. I kind of miss President Hansen, but I know that the new president is going to be great too. AND WOW. met him this week!!!! HE IS JUST THE DEFINITION OF POWER.
We went to the airport to pick him up and it was so funny! He just came out like the new missionaries- kinda in shock and like ‘why are they singing Called to Serve in a large group of people here’. HAHA You could tell that it was just an overwhelming situation. Flying like 29 hours from Provo, and then being tired and not knowing ANYTHING about the mission. 🙂 hahaha

SO, We had a meeting with him last night from 6-8, just the secretaries and the assitants, and then they gave us ice cream and we just talked, like they were our parents!It was so funny, they like waited for us to leave and didn’t want to kick us out! hahahaha the meeting was SO COOL! 
Our new President was a 70 and you can tell that he was one- hahha he teaches everytime he talks! and EVERYTHING he says is in a short quote that is like from a general conference- like I wanted to write EVERYTHING he said down! 

He is definitely more focused on doing things simply and efficiently, and on PEOPLE. He has changed a lot of rules, and at first we were like WHATTTTTT but then we realized they were all to help the missionaries be more consecrated.
But this week we met an AMAZING FAMILY! they are ALL interested and just so willing to sacrifice what they need to so they can follow the example of jesus christ!They really are an example for me!:) I love you all!!!!!!
Elder Hammond


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