The Blessings of the Temple

DSCF7524[1]This week was AWESOME!!! If I named my week, it would definitely be “THE BLESSINGS OF THE TEMPLE!” We got to go to the temple with some converts from my last area, so that was awesome to go see them do baptisms! Plus, it just made me so happy to see them and know that they are reading the BOM and going to the temple all the way from Potosí! They really are converts – they are changed, not just people who were baptized. I really missed them too. Their mom is hilarious!!! hahaha

We worked a ton in the offices, and also in our area! We were just street contacting like crazy when not in the office and it was a blast! I really have gained a love of just going up and talking to the people here:) It’s so funny, they get really scared sometimes! I have to say,  “CHILL, I’m just a dude trying to make you happy and change your life!”


I think the big lesson of this week was “and me third.” My comp told me this story about how once a general authority went to a house of a member and on his wall was a giant sign that said ” Y YO TERCERO” (AND ME THIRD) The gen auth, asked what it meant and the member replied that it meant that God is first and the rest of the people are second, and he, the member himself, is third. I LOVE THIS!!!! I want this to be my personal motto because if we are third on that list, then we have charity for EVERYONE!!! Just putting others’ needs above our own is the way Christ lived, and I have to focus to be more like him.

I think that was my week, We went to the temple as a mission this morning and it was such a RECHARGE of my spiritual battery! It was so AWESOME!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!
Stay happy!
Come what may and love it! And us third;)

Elder Hammond



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