June 19, 2017


This week was NUTS -so much stuff!!!! This week we had the new elders come in and they were super cool! We went to go pick them up, take them to lunch, work a bit with them and then we had the meetings and more lunches. Lots of fun stuff:)

We also had the zone conferences, and they were so COOL!!! I learned a lot of new stuff, and it was awesome! President was a bit sad and funny as always. This is the last time that he is going to be in a zone conference. He goes home the 30th, so that’s kinda sad, but exciting to meet our new President. We got to be the ones that got lunch for everyone and that was an AWESOME assignment!! We got this thing that is basically the Bolivian Chipotle and its SO FREAKING YUMMY. The next day we we in charge of the food again and it was this Red Robin-type burger thing and it was just so yummy too!!! It was a great week of food – and kind of nice to be in the city 🙂

We also got to work. We have a family of investigators, Justi and Jessica. They are super cool and have their answers, but are a bit nervous. So, please pray for them this week. We had an amazing lesson with a less active who had his brother die. (He’s from Brasil and when he got emotional he would just switch to Portuguese – hahaha we had no idea what he was saying sometimes) However, the lesson was so spiritual! It was just like the Spirit came and gave him a HUGE hug. We ALL cried and it was so awesome!

We had a great Sunday; we were VERY surprised when SEVEN investigators showed up to the church on Sunday and they brought their FAMILIES AND FRIENDS!!!! I know its because of all of your great prayers:) I seriously love you guys so much! I miss you a ton, but I KNOW this is the best place for me and that this is the best place for the gospel to be:) These people are just ready, but they don´t know where to look for it. We have got to open our mouths! Baptisms aren´t just for missionaries!!!! THEY ARE FOR EVERYONE!

Every time we say “yeah, they will find the missionaries, and then be taught,” we are denying someone the opportunity to repent and gain their salvation! I, for one, do not want to be in front of God on the day of judgement and say “Oh, that one of your kids? Oh yeah, they weren´t gonna listen.” We have to share the gospel because these people in the world are ready and prepared, its just US as members that aren’t ready or prepared to share with them the JOY we have! Who wouldn’tt want to be with their families for forever? Who wouldn’t want to know that there is a prophet like Moses here now on the earth? Just think about it. Our church is for everyone and makes EVERYONE stronger in their faith. I always tell people this, “If there were another church that helped you come closer to Jesus, or grow your faith, better than our church, I would SEND YOU THERE! But there isn’t. There just is not!” We don’t want people to change their faith, their beliefs, we just want people to come and bring their faith and EVERYTHING and then see if we can augment it. That’s why we are here. Repent and grow in our faith. Be obedient. Love.

I love you guys A TON!!!!! be great missionaries;)

Elder Hammond

ps… great groups to listen too.

Bonner Family- I need thee – HAHA EVERYDAY HERE!!!!!
Lauren Daigle- trust in you(?) I think of her as the church Adele
BYU Vocal Point- ESPECIALLY It is well with my soul.
Claire Ryann (just because she is SO CUTE hahaha -the cutest BABY!!!)

🙂 LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!


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