Loving the City!

HELLOOOO everyone!!!!

My week was super awesome!!! On Monday for P-Day we played soccer and it was AWESOME! so nice being able to have air here and breathe:)))
However, an elder landed badly and shattered his ankle- so all Monday we were in the hospital helping him. Then Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday I was just running necessary errands for the offices, or with the elder keeping him company in the hospital. They operated on him and he is doing a lot better now – but we got to spend some quality time in the hospital together 🙂
Friday and Saturday were great though – we FINALLY got to work!!! On Friday we went to some awesome citas and met some people who want to be baptized – so that’s awesome:)
On Saturday we did a sweet activity. We went to a HUGE plaza in the city and put up a table that said “gratis” with a bunch of church magazines and everything to give away. We just talked with people and actually found a BUNCH of new investigators.
On Sunday it was Elder Olsen´s (my compi) birthday and so of course we celebrated with a pique and a mud pie, and threw A TON of eggs at him – Bolivia! I seriously love the house here, because it’s the four secretaries living together and it is a blast! We decided then to wash the eggs off, we would do the ice bucket challenge:))) HAHAHAHAHA but no ice because in the words of one elder: “welcome to bolivia” But seriously, Bolivia is the best. Its a bit sad that I have like only a year left. Kinda a bummer. I really am not going to want to leave, but I just hope I can live up to my potential as a missionary here:)
Tomorrow night fruit pizza:)  its gonna be great and tonight chicken parmesean:)))) WHOOOOO good cooking nights:))) hahha – it’s nice to be in the city again! I love all of you!!!! hope you have great weeks:)
Elder Hammond

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