Moving to the Offices!

Helloooooo everyone from my office:) haha

This week was an interesting one! We had a great week – on Monday we played some pool on our P-Day. On Tuesday, we had some goodbyes for some of the elders! That was sad. We had some food and said chao and all that good stuff. On Wednesday we had our interview with Milton who was READY for his baptism. It was so cool to see him ready for this. He had studied and PRAYED about every single one of the principles that we had taught him and that was way AWESOME!!!! He was just so prepared as an investigator and a chosen son of God! He’s got big things ahead starting with the mission!!

On Thursday I got the call at 9 am from President Hansen, who says, “Elder Hammond, I know you love to just get down and dirty and work, but, God has a bigger plan for you. I need you to be the Secretary of Records for the mission. You will be in charge of the transition for the new president. You will leave tomorrow morning… oh wait, you have a baptism, right? Okay, you´ll leave Saturday night. Oh no, the confirmation. You are going to leave Monday morning” haha He is so smart and cool and just thinks so hard about everything, its awesome! So the rest of the week was a blur… packing, working, saying bye to everyone. The baptism was AWESOME!!!! It was so cool to be able to baptize Milton:)
This morning I got up, said goodbye to everyone (my comp and the pension) and then at 6:30 am took off to Sucre. Then I got on a plane to Cocha and then since then I have been here working! It’s kinda a lot to do! I am in charge of all of the records of the mission. So any baptismal records, any referrals, all of the English stuff (tests) and any question Presi has about the numbers. I find everything and do the reports for him!  I’m in charge of making sure all the missionaries put in their key indicators:)  Basically, it’s like a real world job. I go in at 8 and leave at 6, daily.
Congrats to Taylor for getting married!!!! Whoooooooooooo the Philly temple looks great!! I love it!!!
That’s my week. I’m not really that sure about my duties yet, but I’m sure next week I will be more sure:)) hahaha I love you all!!!!
Elder Hammond
PS Sorry no pics! I have lots but my cord is packed up!

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