Fear No Man


I’m just SO HAPPY to get to talk to you guys on Mother’s Day!!!

Basically this past week was pretty normal – working hard:))) We did have some miracles happen. I really learned about being bold and loving. Fear no man! I mean as long as you have love, you can NEVER be too bold to anyone!!!!!
This week Elder Vargas was struggling a bit. He still is super scared to talk to people and we had the coolest experience. I sat him down and said “Vargas, do you know who you are?” and he totally thought it was a primary question HAHA “A child of God, duh.”
I just smiled and read to him 3 Nephi 5:13 which says
Behold, am disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have
everlasting life.
We talked about how we ARE disciples of Christ and have been called here to DECLARE the word.  AS DISCIPLES OF CHRIST WE FEAR NO MAN. It was awesome! I am so thankful for that last year of high school where I really didn’t care what people said/thought about me -because that and this year have helped SO MUCH.  I’m not scared to talk to any people!!! We have changed as missionaries here in out in this satellite area. We don’t fear men, its become our motto this week.
I just told Vargas “Look, I’m here to declare the word and baptize. I fear no man, and that includes you. I am either going to baptize with or without you. I would prefer with you, BUT its up to you.” He is a good guy and together, we have become so much more! Now that I realize we can be as bold as we need to be, I think completely differently.
We have been having problems with our bishop and his attitude towards the mission work. So, I went up and talked to him about how he is great and then we talked about how “when two people get along its because they both want what’s right. When people clash its because they have differing opinions of how to do what is right.” I told him, “Bishop, I think you want what is best for your ward, your part of heaven here in Potosi, so maybe – it’s me. If it is me tell me how and I will change.” We have been working together a LOT better now!!! Our investigators are PROGRESSING and we are going to have a baptism on the 20th, so that’s AWESOME!!!!!!!
I miss you all and Love you more!!!!
Elder Hammond
PS also we went to mine on PDay:) haha.  This mine has been open for 400 years – since the Spaniards came and started digging!



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