A Rough Week

Honestly, the only news to report this week is that I am sick. We went to the doctor on Wednesday, and they said I have salmonella and a stomach infection. (not sure that is an actual diagnosis in the States, but ok). Because my body didn’t seem to have any defenses left, I also ended up getting a big strep sores on my throat. (OW). I thought I had turned a corner and was getting better on Saturday – I was not passing blood anymore :).

Then Sunday- today, I seem to have gotten food poisoning…. so just a ton of puking and diarrhea at the same time (sorry, gross) hahahaha. I’ve been praying for the Lord to help me get rid of whatever is I have…so maybe this is the way he is answering my prayers? BUT I’m happy:) I got a blessing and feel a lot better already:)
FUNNY STORY: Hermana Hansen, the President’s wife KNOWS I love to work, and so she made me give the phone to my comp, Vargas and told him under no circumstances to let me get up and go work, even If I tried to trick him into it.
HAHAHAHAHA she´s too funny, but probably right.
I love you all. Please pray for your own opportunities to open our mouth and share the gospel!
Elder Hammond

One thought on “A Rough Week

  1. Hey, raden,
    Please know that we have been praying constantly for you.
    Sure am glad you saw the doctor and hope you are quickly on the mend.
    Ben and Dany are back at their apartment and ready for a new semester as a married couple. Their apartment is a recycled hotel room. Thus—-married student housing….. one room with a two burner hot plate–a frig and a microwave…. It is a cute LITTLE efficiency room. They will only be there until the spring semester is over. It was good to see your Dad at their wedding.

    Now Taylor gets married in 3/4 weeks … What a busy year for family weddings..
    Sure love you !! So sorry you have been so sick! We are praying for your quick recovery.
    Love, Gram


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