My Own Pioneer Story

Hello everyone!!!!!

Elder Hammond here.
We have had a pretty good week! We started off roughly, but it got a TON better!!
So last Monday, we played soccer and I kinda jacked up my knee, so I just took some ibuprofen and figured it was all good, right?:)) Haha, nope. The next day I couldn’t walk, so we went to the doctor and they hit me up with some pills to get the swelling down and help the pain. After a few days that fixed it all up:)
Tuesday we just contacted a TONNN.  We are focusing on finding families! Our area is like a big road and three blocks to the side of the avenida on both sides, and then follow it for like 10 blocks. So basically my are is a 60 block rectangle. Not very much area if you think about it and I am pretty sure I have knocked almost every door:)) WHOOO that’s kinda cool.
This week we had an awesome bonus because a store was going out of business, so everything was 50% off!  YEAHHH for Pringles and Ramen!!

We had a total pioneer moment and IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! So on Wednesday, we were walking the sky was fine, it was even warm  and everything was all good. I had a short sleeve shirt on because it’s almost time where I will be in all long sleeves and everything.
So, we go into a cita at 4 and at 5 literally I thought it was the end of the world! IT STARTED HAILING SO BADLY!! LIKE YOU CAN’T SEE 100 FT BADLY, LIKE A SNOW STORM BUT HAIL AND RAIN!!!! The whole city was suddenly white and it was so slippery!!!!! Hello, 14,000 feet altitude!
We were walking trying to find a cita, and  it was so bad. I had a little flimsy jacket that the family let me borrow, but there were FAMILIES in the street without any covering or anything! We saw a little girl crying with her grandparents who were just wearing jeans and shirts and no shoes. Potosi is super poor.  This girl didn’t want to move because it was freezing and the streets were rivers..literally. So I ran over gave the little girl my jacket and I carried her to her house. Then – we just spent 2 hours carrying people. Old ladies, kids, even women, across the streets because they basically were RIVERS. It was insane!! Seriously loco. I was so cold and couldn’t feel my feet for the whole time, just drenched and freezing, carrying the people. BUT I had NEVER BEEN HAPPIER IN THE MISSION! NEVER! IT WAS AWESOME! I just lost all feelings and desires for myself and focused completely outside of myself, something that was so awesome to feel. I felt like I had true charity for the first time and it was AWESOME!!!!!!
Potosi hail
We had a fun activity on Thursday night, a ward mission night, and we probably are going to do it every week now, so that’s fun.
Saturday we had a baptism! but classic Elder Hammond forgot his camera… hahaha so maybe someone will send me some pics to send, but it was for Lucita and Ruben. She is super cool, very young and funny!  She cracks me up – Ruben is her uncle.
Sunday we went to church and I had been pretty sick Wed- Saturday, so that wasn´t fun. Even though I was not doing very well, I stayed for all three hours and reallllly saw the blessings!!! Usually we eat with the Bravo family on Sundays, but this Sunday an investigator, Jovana and her fam invited us to come eat lunch with them- WHICH IS HUGE! because her parents NEVER wanted us to come teach her. They just were SO NICE to us!!! It was AWESOME! They were so interested and we talked and ate for like 3 hours. They received the first two lessons! SO that was a huge miracle:))
My compi Elder Vargas is doing AWESOME! He is working so hard! He is super funny- like he is super young, a bit chubby, and sometimes just gets really tired too. BUT HE WORKS SO HARD! I am so thankful and seriously pray about this giving thanks every day that we are comps. He is just who I needed with me here. I know that he is gonna be a pro missionary:)
I love this guy so much. He is the first comp I´ve had where I seriously love this guy for who he already is. I am working really hard to get his self esteem and confidence up, but he is progressing so fast!!! Its awesome!
I love the work and love this area so much! I am going to be super sad when I have to leave, but it’s the plan of God:))) Love you ALL! miss you! Keep strong in the faith:)  ALSO please pray for the people in northern Peru. They really just got destroyed. I don’t know if the US talks anything about it, but it is INSANE in the news here.
Elder Hammond

One thought on “My Own Pioneer Story

  1. I love your weekly reports, they lift my spirit, make me grateful, remind me to appreciate the knowledge of the gospel I have gained and to. appreciate the blessings poured out upon those who seek to know and serve. Love you and pray God’s blessings continue to pour out upon you and your fellow missionaries. I am sure Grandpa Great is pleased with your labors too. Vaya con Dios.


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