Time Is Flying (Too Fast)

Hello everyone!!!! This week was super fun. We really didn’t do anything too loco, but we did have some intercambios, so that was fun! I got to switch comps for the day, with another elder and I was with Elder Gill, from Arizona.  He literally knows no Spanish- hahaha, but it was way fun!!! We went and visited a bunch of people, and even got some food, so it was a good day. We also had one with elder Jorgensen, so I was with him. He is super cool, one of my best buds here in the mission, and he teaches REALLY WELL! He is Zone Leader and really funny! We went and cooked a pique macho with an investigator family that’s going to be baptized on Saturday! I am super pumped!!!  We also cooked spaghetti and chili for the pension this week, because she is super pregnant and has trouble some days cooking, so we go to help. It was fun, I really miss cooking!

This week I had a ton of study time! I finished Jesus the Christ again, and am finishing up the book of Alma in the BOM! I also am reading “Our Search for Happiness” If you have not read this, READ IT! IT IS SOOOOO GOOD! It makes me so happy! and explains what we believe so clearly and easily. I love this book and really have applied a lot of material I learned form this book in my mission teaching! It’s sweet:)DSCF7167[1]
We played soccer on Saturday with some members for a ward activity and it was super fun. I really love soccer -it’s the best. We also played a TON today (like four hours straight) and it was a blast. I just really like running!  I’m easily one of the worst, but I like to play and it helps me in learning to be humble, right?
That was our week:) I will be honest that I really am not enjoying how fast the time is flying by!
Some talks I really loved studying this week-
Am I Good Enough? Will I Make It?
Joy and Spiritual Survival
Music- I Will Not Be Still
Also we had a sweet blessing this week, and I really have strengthened my testimony of the priesthood and that it is the power of God, but only will be available as we are worthy.
I love you all! Have AWESOME WEEKS!
Elder Hammond
Bonus Pictures:
#1:  I FOUND THIS PIC OF A MISSIONARY AND HIDE IT IN VARGAS´S STUFF ALL THE TIME!!!!! So, he will open his scriptures and people ask him if its his girlfriend HAHAHA ITS THE BEST EVER!!! HAHAHAHA
#2:  I made myself a milkshake- haha -so expensive but so worth it. Dad, you get it.

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