Going GREAT!

Hello everyone!

This is my weekly email. from elder hammond. word. haha

I don’t know why, but I am in a SUPER GOOD MOOD! I have been so happy recently1! I think its because everything is going well for us here in satellite Potosi!:)))) We had a great day today! I’m writing this late, because we had an interview with Presidente Hansen. He is doing well -super happy with or work so I’m happy:)  Really we didn’t do much this week except just worked hard!

We had a sweet zone conference in Tupia, we left at 3 am and then got there 5 hours later. It was an awesome conference, the only problem was that I was super sick and it’s hard to not have diarrhea on a bus. HAHAHA  But we survived without any accidents!!! It was super funny -like 5 of us were sick, but we prayed and it all worked out. At the conference we talked a lot about finding new investigators ( alligators with vest- AHAHAHA  no not that;).  DSCF7117[1]

Here in Potosi, we have worked really hard! We really try to be as exactly obedient as you can be…and we are really seeing the blessings! I’m not sick anymore, I am happy:) and we played soccer today and that’s fun.

(My new comp and my AWESOME dolphin blanket that is THE BEST)
Jovana-20 years old- girl- and she is super cool we are helping her realize that the peace she feels is an answer. She is starting to go to church and has a baptismal date for two more weeks
Lucia- she is really cool, and her parents just gave us permission to bapti( my Z button doesn’t work lol so I’m copy and pasting this Z HAHAHAHA whatta goof that i am:))) Ze her and so that is going to be awesome!
Familia Garnika- not really progressing, we are praying for help with them:)
Juan Tapia- he is the father of 6 and is really cool! The thing is that he lives on the limit of our area, so he might get baptiZed in another ward, BUT I DONT REALLY CARE as long as he repents and receives his salvation, I am just happy that the Lord has given me the opportunity to teach him and his family:)))
Yeah, that was basically my week. I had a good one, but this one is gonna be better:))
LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!! Have amazing weeks – I’m praying for you!
Pray that you can have missionary opportunities instead of praying for me!
Elder Hammond

One thought on “Going GREAT!

  1. Elder Hammond your letters lift my spirit each week You are an awesome young elder and I am so pleased to be your grandmother, I AM SURE HEAVENLY FATHER IS ALSO GLAD TO HAVE YOU ON HIS TEAM. HAVE A GREAT WEEK LOVE YOU. Grandmat Hammond, that is.


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