Miracles & My New Hijito

Hello everyone!!!!! This week was AWEEEEESOME!!!! We seriously had some crazy experiences, but it was SWEEEEET!

First of all, my new compi (hijito) is named Elder Vargas. He is from Tarija, Bolivia, and is super awesome!!! I love this guy! He just turned 18, and like is such a baby! hahahaha DSCF7104[1]

It’s so funny to see the new elders, because they literally have no idea what’s going on! I am hoping I am a good example for him:) BUT let me start the week off at the beginning.

Monday and Tuesday- we were stuck in our house for Carnival…so that was fun? not really. Just lots of studying, more studying and playing some games.
Wednesday!- So Wednesday, we were planning on travelling to Sucre and then flying to Cochabamba for the trainer’s meeting. We got our taxi and left at 6 am, we made it to Sucre and then realized that NO ONE knew where the airport was!!! Our flight left at 11:30 right? So then we were driving and got SUPER LOST! like 3 hours away lost, (hahahaha) and so we just stopped the car and all of us got out and we knelt down and prayed that somehow God would delay the flight so we could make it to Cochabamba. We actually prayed for rain that would come strongly and stop the plane from leaving! Kind of just a leap of faith, haha, but then we found out where the airport was and drove that way. On the way there… NOTHING! No rain. NOTHING!!!!
Then, when we were like two miles away from the airport and we saw that within two miles of the airport was a FLOOD! hahaha – It was POURING! It was so cool to see the miracle that God gave us!!! We were all very teary and happy:)
SO our flight got delayed, right? We checked in our bags and then realized that every single one of us had left our wallet in our bags. We had five bolivianos between the three of us (Elders Farroñan, Walfriedes, and me) We all did the same thing! We hadn´t eaten since forever! and we were dying of hunger, so we prayed in the corner that we could get something to eat -even if it was like a package of cookies. Then we finished and walked to the store and were looking for something, and there was NOTHING to buy for that price. BUT,  then a woman came up and was like “Hey, my daughter hasn´t come yet and I bought her this whole box of empanadas for her and her family, but I want to give them to you guys. How about, like I don’t know, five bolivianos?” There were 15 inside!!!!! Five for each one of us!!! I seriously cried eating those emp’anadas. I’m also tearing up right now!!!
It was just so amazing to see the Lord answer the prayers of His servants! I really love the part in third Nephi where it says that when we are trying to do something righteous and have righteous desires and the FAITH for something to happen, the LORD ALWAYS PROVIDES! haha – seriously! It happens. Just have faith and try to do his will. I LOVE IT!
I AM SO HAPPY TO BE HERE! Seriously there is no other place I´d rather be! I’m not gonna lie, I was struggling Monday and Tuesday, I was just tired, like just my body was giving up and I was feeling low. BUT NOW I KNOW EVEN MORE THAT I AM HERE FOR A REASON! I KNOW that I will be blessed and my family too!
I know that this church is true and that really this work is the most important thing I could be doing right now! I have gained such a strong testimony of this work and the lives that I am blessing. But really I am more grateful that I can be a tool in the hand of God. There is no better honor!!! 🙂 I am so thankful for my Savior who gave His life for me so that I could be here teaching about His sacrifice and have the joy of using the atonement EVERYDAY!!! What an amazing gift! Heavenly Father and Christ have such a love for us, a love that I am trying to gain and emulate for the people here in Bolivia, starting with my new kid;) I love you guys and am thankful for your prayers!!!
Elder Hammond

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