Hellllllllo everyone!

We had an amazing week here in Potosí -it was seriously awesome!!! I was so happy with the work we did and really kind of bummed to see Carrasco go home:/ But I was happy that he got be sent home with FULL HONOR! We seriously worked so hard this last week, and not just because Carrasco was leaving, but because we just got great work done. We have found a ton of new investigators, few that are really ready to WANT to progress – The ones that are progressing are all out of town this week.dscf70921


This week is CARNIVAL!!!!!!!! SUPER loco! hahaha – like the entire town shuts down. There weren`t buses, taxis, stores, ANYTHING!!!!! Only some stores for meat because EVERYONE and their brother has a cookout:) Hey, I’m not complaining – free food from members! This week was fun as we got to help decorate some buildings, and give service for some investigators.
I had to send a picture of a typical Potosi toilet…they are hilarious! Here they are made of concrete – and as the weather is getting colder, so do the toilets!dscf70701

In the cambio news, I am going to train, so that’s going to be AWESOME! I’m excited that the Lord is giving me this opportunity. I can’t wait. I fly out to Cochabamba on Wednesday, then get to know who my comp is there, then we come back Thursday and get STRAIGHT to work:))) Its gonna be awesome – I really am pumped for this opportunity to have a comp who is fresh and wants to work.

ALSO Elder DAVEY is coming to Potosi!!! HAHAHA that guy is nuts, but he only has 4 cambios left! Crazy how time FLIES when you are in the mission -only two more cambios and I’m done with a year. That is NUTS!
I have been so happy here! Seriously some of the happiest moments of my life have been here:) I LOVE IT HERE! I am just so grateful to share the happiness that I have with others here. That’s the best part! Like…. HAROLD IS GOING ON A MISSION! That’s so AWESOME! Sometimes there are elders who think they aren’t doing anything significant, not making a change, but in reality everything we do here makes a change for someone. I really am so happy that I can be a tool in the Lords hands here in Bolivia. It’s the highest honor. It’s not ever a burden, but really a gift to live the way the Savior lived. I get to serve everyday, to work everyday to bring some souls unto repentance and with that salvation. Its the best!
That’s been my week. We had an awesome party Saturday with the Bravo family and they made this SWEEEEETTT cake! It was super cool.
We had some fun parrillada (cookout) and ate so much, it was like the Fourth of July! We are going to go buy some silly string because basically all of Bolivia is a warzone with that stuff this week!
Stay firm in the faith! keep on praying and everything else!
Love ya,
Elder Hammond

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