Change of Heart


This week flew by, and yet it still seems like I haven’t talked to you guys in FOREVER! They say your time starts flying by after 6 months and it is SO true! I’ve already hit another month and that’s crazy!  I am truly enjoying every second and the Lord truly is blessing us.

Hermana Brady goes home soon to you guys in Kingwood – be on the lookout for a package from me 🙂

We have been having a really hard time finding investigators that ACTUALLY want to listen, so we were contacting Tuesday, and just prayed on the side of the road that we could find someone with the desire to listen to us. Literally 30 seconds later, an older man called us over and was obviously a bit drunk, but just started crying on me about how he has ruined his life and wants to change and knows that we can do it! We talked for a bit, and then I told him, “Well hermano, you gotta start now. The repentance process isn´t just in your house or in church.” and he just DUMPED his bottle of wine on the ground! He went home, shaved, got a haircut and totally changed for our cita in the next night!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!! I really love the quote from Bishop Waddel “You don’t need the atonement to have a change of behavior, but you DO need the atonement to have a change of heart” I LOVE THIS because the atonement really is the best gift God has given us, and really there a re a ton of people who don´t take advantage  of that. I have gained such a love for the atonement, and such a awesome respect for Christ and what he did for us. I love Him and am beyond honored to serve Him and be His hands for two years straight.

We had our zone conference and the assistants shared this movie. Literally I have never been in a room where I felt the spirit more. You´re warned – you WILL cry with this video.
It makes me so proud to be a missionary. I know I am not perfect. I know that I will NEVER suffer what He did, but I am PROUD to suffer a bit so that I can have a taste of the feelings He did. It helps me gain love, it helps me become more like my Savior, plus hearing the voice of Elder Holland is an honor. I love you guys!!! Use the atonement daily. PLEASE. Repentance is a daily process.  I love you all and am praying for you. Don’t worry about me, go out and serve:)
Elder Hammond

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