Worldwide Missionary Broadcast and Some Changes

*Editor’s note: As Braden is thinking and speaking 100% in Spanish, his English skills are definitely suffering – so I’m inserting a lot of translations where he uses Spanish words*
This week we had a worldwide missionary meeting via broadcast and it was CRAYYYZEE! It was SO AWESOME. The leaders from the Missionary Committee first taught us for like an hour an a half, and then made the changes to our schedules. Basically in the schedule, we have full albedrio (agency)! In the mornings we have to study personally, eat breakfast, plan, and hacer ejercicios(can’t spell that in english -haha exersize? HAHAHA) but there is no order and we just can choose what’s best with our companions:)
In the afternoon we have to work and study as a companionship, then language and training, and we just plan to do that when we have time between citas (appointments):) On Sunday we went before church and studied and it was awesome and convenient to study away from our apartment! P-day can start at 8 now and we definitely used that today and played soccer from 9- 12:30🙂 My legs are shot! We went and played with some members on Saturday, because we brought an investigator (something we can do once a month) and it was on grass – super intense and fun! I was so dead, we finished and I cooked dinner and fell asleep at my desk. I was wiped!
I’m thankful our companionship is really good. We are working hard! Carrasco is determined to go home working hard and baptizing and so that’s what we´re doing:) Seriously, we worked so hard this week! We touched (knocked) like 80 doors on Sunday because we didn’t have new investigators! We had some divisions (splits with the ward members), which was AWESOME! I was so pumped because we got to work like twice as hard because I went with a member and Elder Carrasco with the other! It was sweet! We met some new people who are interested in baptism.
We have a baptism scheduled for this weekend! Harold is going to get baptized! This guy is so awesome! He went all the way to Cochabamba just to SEE the temple! He can’t even go in, but he is so excited to do it, he just went and traveled 12 hours to get to the temple to go see it! It was truly an awesome experience for us, because we realized that we should all be like him! To have such a desire to enter the house of the Lord and do the saving ordinances for the dead:) He is so cool. Our week was super good!
You asked me to name something hard for me. I’m a morning person, but getting up in the morning – I’ve been so tired! When my alarm goes off I think – was that five mins? or an hour? I don’t know, but it didn’t seem long!
You asked me for something easy now – talking to people in the street! I LOVE doing this! We just walk up and start talking and usually they reject us but, hey, we tried and talked to them:) I have gotten used to being rejected. The research from the church says that for us to have someone listen to us, they usually they need to have 5 GOOD experiences with the church before the missionaries have a chance to teach them. So I’ve learned not to be frustrated, but just think about it as, “Hey we were ONE good contact. They only need four more and they will be GOLDEN!”
I’m just happy:) I love it here. Some people were talking to us and were like – If you could go home right now, would you? and I immediately said NO! because I love it here. Doing the Lord’s work, being His hands, His mouth, just loving the people as He did. Elder Carrasco was a bit down because he feels he hasn’t baptized a bunch of people in his mission and I told him, “Look, how many people did Christ baptize? You are doing His work. That’s what counts. It doesn’t matter the baptisms, it doesn’t mater how many ‘miracles’ you had, just that you gave it your all and that you feel like God is happy with your work. I´m happy with your work bud, and I KNOW that God is too.”
I know that God is happy with all of us! I know that He is looking down and smiling when we choose to do His will:)
Love you!
Elder Hammond

One thought on “Worldwide Missionary Broadcast and Some Changes

  1. Elder Hammond, I love your letters they give me such a lift. I am inspired to do more to lift others around me and I like to think that,i n a small way, is my mission right now. Love you and know that you are truly a great missionary for the Lord. Grandma great.

    On Tue, Jan 31, 2017 at 10:54 AM, letters from elder hammond wrote:

    > lettersfromelderhammond posted: “*Editor’s note: As Braden is thinking and > speaking 100% in Spanish, his English skills are definitely suffering – so > I’m inserting a lot of translations where he uses Spanish words* Hello! > This week we had a worldwide missionary meeting via broadcast and” >


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