Hermana Dominga & 2 Harolds

dscf69141Helllllllllllo Everyone!!! We have had an amazing week here in Potosí! I am loving the work. We had the baptism of Hermana Dominga this week – she is SOOOOOO FUNNY! Hermana Dominga is super old and a bit crazy, so we had to teach her veryyyyyy slowly. For example, this is a classic Hermana Dominga:

“Well I just loved hearing about baptism and as I was preparing to be baptized and I felt like I should share that joy with others”

Us- ” PERFECT Hermana! Who can we invite to your baptism??”

Hermana- “NO! I meant I wanted others to be baptized, so I went and baptized my 10 cats”

Us- “NOOOOOOOO HERMANA that’s not how it works!” HAHAHAHAHAHA  She is a hoot, and I’m sure the cats loved being baptized,… but now she understands a lot more about the Priesthood and the authority that we have restored of God to baptize:)

This week really was AMAZING. We were out contacting on the street trying to find a reference named Harold. We were walking and knocked on this door and a lady answered and was like,  “OH you must be the angels Harold talks about!” hahaha We were a bit taken back, but we went in and talked to him and IT WAS AWESOME! This dude has so much love for us and the church and doesn’t even know us yet – it was sweet! We set a baptismal date for him in the next few weeks!
The other Harold we are working with, prayed and felt that it’s all true!  He had read the promise made by Moroni that if people will read the Book of Mormon, and pray they can know if it is true! He did it and the Spirit wa so strong with him -he wants to be baptized!  He probably will be baptized on the 4th of Feb, the work here is progressing!

I LOVE POTOSI -really! It is amazing! It is definitely a city of contrasts.  I love this picture that shows just how differently people live here:
I got kind of unreasonably excited when I saw my first “normal” toilet in about 6 weeks. hahahaha
We have come to love the people here so much. We have been working harder than ever to find new people and this Sunday, we got to go and distribute presents for the Day of Three Kings:) It was so cool! I wish I would have brought my camera, but the members of the church gave out presents and we gave out pamphlets:) It was so cool. We contacted a bit more than 160 people! And they were all sooooo happy because they didn’t get anything for Christmas and these were their Holiday presents!  Our ward members totally made their Holiday season!
That’s some of the work we´ve been doing! Carrasco is going to stay six more weeks, then his mission is over and he will go home! SO pumped about that, but sad he´s gonna leave. I really have gained such a love for this guy:)
I love this work, love the gospel, and love all of you!
Elder Hammond:)

One thought on “Hermana Dominga & 2 Harolds

  1. Your letters are a highlight of my week. Your stories and testimony are just what I need. God bless and keep you in his loving arms, you are truly a good servant of the Lord. And Happy 19th Birthday from great grandma.


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