I’m 19! Happy Birthday Week

Hello everyone!!! The  internet today is literally the slowest I
have ever seen in the world, so no pictures,  but my week was amazing!
I loved it and I learned a tonnnnnnnnnn.

First of all, thank you for all of the birthday wishes! Love you guys!!!

This was our crazy week:

Tuesday, wednesday – sick, both of us:(  We slept a TON and
because of that, I grew more.  So there is a
silver lining, am I right?

Then we went to work! We met a lot with Hermana Dominga, because she
is supposed to be baptized this Saturday!! WHOOOO I LOVE
BAPTISMS -they are the best!!!! I love seeing their faces after
they leave the water because it is just pure joy! AHHHH it seriously
is the best thing we can have happen in the mission – bring someone
just a bit closer to God. love it:)

So we met with her a lot this week, we also met with Familia Garnika.
They are progressing super well and probably will be baptized in
February:)) SO PUMPED!!!! They are so sweet:)

We worked a lot on finding new investigators, mainly the
children of god who really are ready to listen to us. SO lots and lots
of contacting in the streets, and knocking doors:)

BUT SUNDAY was my birthday,so it was awesome! We had some surprise
investigators come to church so that was a great present:) haha
Also the Familia Bravo (my family away from home here) threw me a huge
lunch party and it was a blast! We had lomo saltado, and it was
sooooooo yummy! We celebrated a bit, then went right back
to work. It’s so funny in the mission, you are partying or having fun like a normal person for like an hour, and then yep, back to the Lord’s work the next:)

BUT I LOVE IT! I really have been studying a lot this week, especially because we were in the house for two solid days. We got invited to go speak at a conference of
local religions, and from what I understand they are not super supportive of Mormonism. We´ll see. I plan to just testify of Christ and keep it positive. We have been studying TONS
in the Bible to prepare for this, because it is an AMAZING opportunity
to share the gospel, our beliefs and clear up a few
misconceptions:) SO I AM PUMPED! plus, definitely not intimidated by pastors anymore.

The cambios are this week, so praying that Carrasco can stay!!!! He is
so awesome! Can’t wait for that guy to proudly return home, because he really has
gained his honor to return home with:) He has just become my best
friend this cambio and we work so well together!  We are happy
together, we cry together, we pray together, but most importantly, we really have gained such a love of the work together:)

I really love the scripture where Jesus says  I haven’t come into the
world to bring peace, but to bring dissentions. Because its so true!
The true gospel of Jesus Christ is hard to live, but We KNOW that there are
blessings behind every trial! I was studying and reading the words of Paul. Paul had this “thorn in his skin” or some trial and had been praying that it could be taken away,
but then he realized that it was for his benefit, and that he was
ultimately GRATEFUL for his trials. I feel more like Paul everyday! I
am not praying my trials away, but that I can have strength to
overcome them and learn my lesson:)
I love the gospel, I love this church. I know we have the truth. I
know that Christ died for me, and because of him I can become better
I love you all, and am praying for ya:)

Elder Hammond


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