Happy New Year!

Hello everyone!!! As I´m sure you have read in other missionaries’ emails, Christmas and New Years are pretty hard weeks for missionaries because everyone is traveling or just wants to be with family,  BUT in spite of all of that, We WORKED HARD. We had a ton of lessons and mainly contacts! We met a ton of people that are supér cool and genuinely interested.  It was pretty awesome to have opportunities to help people out, because a ton of people move at this time of the year. So we did a ton of service helping move things. We went to church on Sunday, and two families just walked in and were like, “we were passing by, and felt like we should come in.” OH PERFECT COME ON IN -hahahaha it was awesome!!!

We have become more and more bold in contacting.  I was with Elder Pardo ( my zone leader -he’s from Chile, but went to Utah Valley Univ for a year before the mish:)) ( and is crazy) but he would just walk over and start talking to people by saying “you know what hermanita, we are missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ and want to baptize you and bring you all of these blessings” hahahahaha. I guess it is a good way to see if they are gonna waste our time:)

We have been having such cool experiences of people coming to US! It was awesome to have someone stop us in the street and say, “Hey you’re Elders, right? Can you come teach me?” AAHHH! It’s so awesome- I love this work! I LOVE my savior Jesus Christ and am beyond thankful for everything He does for me. I know I am here for a reason, I testify with all of my heart EVERYDAY that it is true. I know that this gospel is true, that we are blessed with the priesthood, and I love the message of the restoration of the gospel!

Yes, Mom & Dad – I got the birthday package! I WAS SO PUMPED!!!! I HAVENT OPENED IT YET, but I am saving it for my birthday this week! And I did spend my birthday money on Saturday, I bought a brand new pair of AMERICAN soccer shoes:) and they are SWEET!!! We played in the Stake tourney, then were invited to play in a city tourney – WHICH IS CRAZY! These guys are so fast and aggressive, it’s so fun!!! We won the stake tourney (big deal) (think church basketball in the States, but like 2x more complaining and intensity)  LOCO! We played to the semi finals in the city tourney and then got KILLED, hahaha, but at least they invited us to the next one so it´ll be interesting with some practice:)  THANK YOU FOR MY PACKAGE- I am so excited on open it!!!! Love you!!!!!
I heard a quote the other day that was “The gospel of Jesus Christ changes bad men to good, makes good men better, and better men great.” Thanks to jesus christ I know that I can change and better myself every single day!
I love you all,
Elder Hammond

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