Day After Christmas

**We had the opportunity to Skype with Braden on Christmas Day as a family. He filled our visit with laughter, stories and his ever-cheerful spirit. Since we had talked the day before, he had little to report in this letter**


Hello everyone! This week was a really awesome week because it was Christmas!!!!

I LOVE CHRISTMAS and this Christmas I was the farthest from my family but closest to the Lord and I loved that. I have been so happy this week, mainly because I got to see my family and Skype with them. That was AWESOME!

Before Christmas, we had a conference. I got to sing in a duet with another elder and it sounded super good. We sang Angels We Have Heard on High (one verse each in Spanish, English, and Portuguese):) So that was fun. We got to watch some awesome church videos and hear from president. We were able to relax and just had fun. It was beautiful to have a Christmas devotional with all of the missionaries from Sucre, Potosi, and Tupiza:)
We were able to do a TON of service this week! We helped move like four people and also did a bunch of baking for people in the ward:) A fun way to be in the Christmas spirit.
Really I just love the Christmas feeling here:) Being a missionary is perfect at this time, because a lot of people want to hear about Christ´s birth – I love it!!!! I love my savior and am so happy that I am here serving in Bolivia during this time:)
Love you all:)
Elder Hammond

2 thoughts on “Day After Christmas

  1. so happy to read your letters! You’re working so hard and the Lord is blessing you..that is how it is supposed to work.. You are a blessing to the people there in Bolivia! And to our family getting to share your experiences..

    Proud of you!! And know your are in our prayers many times each day and on the prayer roll in the temple.
    Keep up the good work and terrific attitude..

    Sure love you.. I am sending a Birthday letter sepaartely.


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