Reaching New Heights

From Dec 12, 2016

Hello everyone from one of the tallest cities in the world!! It has been an interesting change here. I LOVE IT first of all!

Elder Carrasco is amazing and really basically is training me because there are lots of things I have not been taught -mainly the paper work. img_2576He is awesome and has no fear to call me out on my Spanish or my teaching -So thats super awesome! The first time I was a little put out, but then I quickly realized that I need to be humble to be a good missionary, so it’s super nice! He will help my spanish become perfect! 🙂

img_2572I have been studying some awesome things that I love. I guess with everything I learn about the gospel and God, the more I just appreciate all He has done for me. I am never ever going to repay Him in any way, but I just love that He loves me so much. I’m trying to use this love here in Bolivia.

Here’s what happened this week:)

Monday was a normal day. We did some service and packed a TONNN-  I hate packing, but like everything, it was worth the effort to do it right

Tuesday we flew to Sucre (20 mins) then drove 4 hours in Rapiditos, then we met our comps and started to work:)

Basically the rest of my week was awesome!! Work hard and learn! I have been learning so much here in Potosi, and I just really love the area!

The first day here it snowed- it was awesome!!!!!!! We have been setting dates for baptisms with some investigators and found some really amazing families!!! I just love that the Lord prepares the people who we talk to in the streets!

img_2574img_2573img_2575I love this gospel and the message we have. I love that because of this gospel I know who I am, where I came from and where I am going. I love that! I love and really admire Christ.

I can’t even describe my feelings about Him. I just am so grateful for His love and sacrifice for me. I know that even though I am here, I am never even going to pay back 1% of the things He does for me on a daily basis!!!
I love you all, and can’t wait to hear from you!!!
Elder Hammond


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