Hello everyone!

So yes! I am having a cambio! I am going to Potosí with Elder Carrasco who is a chileno and only has two cambios left, so I probably will end up killing him:)*  But he was a zone leader and apparently is a super great Elder so I am excited to see what God has in store for me there!

(*This means that he will finish his mission and head home while his companion)p1030572

We had a super great week this week! FIRST the Light the World campaign came out and is super awesome!! I love the video! (  It is so awesome and yeah, do i cry a bit every time I watch? maybe;)


 This week we had Elder Fallavela of the Seventy come talk to us and it was really cool! He instructed us that we should basically just focus on teaching and baptizing new members and allow the ward members to focus on menos activos, so thats interesting and a change.


We also ran up this mountain this week  -so that was crazy! We actually got lost and couldn’t come down so we ended up running down a service road to another town and then back around to Bella Vista. hahaha. It was a fun adventure!!!!


President Hansen totally PRANKED ME!!! Sunday night at 11PM we get the call. Elder Hammond is going to be in a trio in Alamos zone. I was supposed to go and whip these two scrubs into shape, haha, but then I got a call at 10 this morning saying “Uh Elder Hammond this is President Hansen… I am cambiando your cambio. You’re going to Potosí.” From literally the middle of Cocha to the farthest away city!!! I’M SO PUMPED TO LEAVE COCHA!!!!!!!! I think its gonna be awesome!


Potosi is 14000 ft high and really cold and just super sweet! We will eat a lot of chuño (ew) but apparently our area is quite wealthy. Well, for Potosi (7% have internet and 69 % are under the BOLIVIAN poverty line:/) I am so excited to go and teach and preach and work as missionaries do 😉

I really love this work!

This Saturday we had the baptism of Mijael! It was awesome! the water had a slight problem, so it was green, but the spirit was awesome! He bore his testimony and it was so perfect I wanted to cry. He talked about how he was an investigator and really wanted to go up and bear his testimony on fast Sundays and he felt like he couldn’t. He was so happy to share his testimony for his baptism -it was so cool! He just said, “I have found it. I was in my old church and yeah it was good. We helped, we did stuff, but I never knew that there was just this JOY. This joy I have found, the joy of being in the true restored church.” He bore his testimony of the Book of Mormon and how special it was for him. He talked about how he got baptized and because of that his family doesn’t want to talk to him. His friends have all left him, he got fired from his job, and He STILL got baptized – because “I know that now God is happy with me and will have everything work out.”



I truly love that we don’t ever force people to make changes, we just invite them to know for themselves and to pray to know if the church is true. We invite them to read the Book of Mormon and pray and receive their own answer! I encourage all of you to do this. Even if you have, try it again. God will bless you and you`ll feel this peace and love that the Bible talks about.

I love the church’s December initiative they have created! Serve in 25 way, over 25 days. Millions of people are out doing good each day – it just shows how inspired and organized and involved we can be in our local communities. I LOVE this!

I love all of you and am praying for you all!


Elder Hammond


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