‘You Guys Know’


HELLO! I had a better week this week! We really saw some amazing blessings. I will run through the week:

On Monday (P-Day) we went to the Cancha, a really MASSIVE area in Cocha that is like a black market and has EVERYTHING! Most is stolen or fake stuff, I’m sure, but its super fun!!!! I got to buy my first maté stuff. I’m not really a fan, but my comp showed me how to make it with super cold sprite and I do like that:) It’s yummy,. but really didn’t live up to the gringo hype I always hear.nov14-5

We had a good week though:) Tuesday through Thursday we just worked hard.

Friday… oh man friiiiiiiiiiiday (think Ron Ross Friday song;)) we went to the pension to do service, and just helped cook for a branch party for like 6 hours -wow it was a lot of cooking! We made Pollo al piña and then empanadas, and some dessert and some other stuff and it was so good,but really hot. It is heating up here, which is kind of tough because I sweat a lot more now :/. But its nice to see sunshine:) It also rained a ton, so that was a big blessing for all of the farmers. Something like half of the roses sold in Cocha are grown here, so I might get wet, but the prayers of all of the farmers are being answered so I`m happy. I really love my area. I’m just really happy:)
She was so happy, she felt the spirit so strongly!!!! It was so cool, she just started crying. It was so special! Daisy got baptized recently, right? After that, her mom read a bunch of lies about the Church, and so we went to her house this Tuesday, and then her mom came and basically just screamed at us and told us how we were devils and stuff that just really hurt.  I`ve gotten pretty thick skin against people that are mean to us here, but this was just super bad and sad. We didn’t argue with her, just took it humbly and left when she asked us to, but basically we can’t go back to visit Daisy now. Getting to go to the temple on Friday and made it all just so worth it. Daisy is just so amazing and I just have gained such a respect and love for her.
Friday night, we had this HUGE party at the church for married people and then couples and it was so awesome! We were allowed to go, to serve, but it started at 8 and went until 12:30!!! But we went home at 9- mission rules saved us;)
However, we had some investigators go and it went really well!!! They apparently loved it- so that was really cool.
Sunday, we had a really good day Sabbath!
We went and taught a lesson with Hermana Julia, a really old cholita who only speaks Quechua, so we go with Hermano Tomas, and he taught her, and it went really well!!! She just said, “Well I feel happy, and I think that’s a sign. So she is going to be baptized this sabaduta!! (sat) SO AWESOME!!!!
Also on Sunday we had a lesson with a guy named Mijael. He is super cool! He is dating a member, and so we go and teach him (without her) in their house. It has been an awesome experience because he just had this desire to read the Book of Mormon! He is so into it! It’s awesome! He said, “I have no idea what you guys do to me in church, because I get so happy at church then when I leave I just feel like that happiness leaves during the week, but I get that back when I read.” We are literally just helping him realize that he already HAS a testimony of the Book of Mormon! He has gotten his answer by (galatas 5:22) the fruits of the spirit! Like last week, we helped show him that feelings are answers. He is also super into the restoration of the Gospel.  “I used to go to church because it would bring me closer to Christ. I would go learn, then come back on Sunday. But now, I know that your church is true, because no one else can prove that their church is true! But you guys know, you guys know.” I thought a lot about that.
 “You guys know.” Sometimes I focus so much on others in my emails, I don’t really talk about me and what I’m learning. Yes, as a missionary I am growing like crazy spiritually!!! I have learned so much and have gained so much strength in my testimony of the church and especially the restoration of the gospel through the prophet Joseph Smith. I really am a believer, I know its true, and feel as Mijael said at the end of our lesson ” Whoa… do you feel that?? (he just grabs his chest) There it is again. That feeling. Its… Indescribable” The Spirit has told me and I know that it is all true. It is awesome. I love this gospel.
I love the blessings that are brought to me and to the people who are honestly trying to find out about the gospel. I really just know its true. I am trying to be the best missionary I can be. I cried last night just because I was thinking about – what if I tried just a bit harder, or what if I was doing my ALL, or what if I didn’t open my mouth to that ONE person that God put in my path to teach, and I just messed that up. It would be the worst feeling ever to go to heaven and meet this person who would say ” Elder Hammond, you had that opportunity to save me, and bring me this happiness, but you didn’t open your mouth, you were too scared.” That would kill me. I have made it my goal to just go out and work. To try and serve others like Christ did. Talk to everyone, and bring people closer to Christ.
Really we say this all the time. We are not here to baptize you. We are here to tell you what we know and to invite you to come closer to Christ, to grow your faith, to help you receive blessings for your family, and to have an eternal family.
I love this gospel, I really do, and I know that with faith we really can do anything, even wake up lazy comps;)
Love you all! I’m praying for you!
Elder Hammond

2 thoughts on “‘You Guys Know’

  1. Your beautiful testimony has lifted my heart today, It is like being there and walking beside you in these wonderful experiences you are finding in serving our Heavenly Father. I love the opportunity to refresh my very old Spanish speaking skills. I have forgotten so much of the language I loved when I was young. Of course it was probably a different form than you are using. We are so pleased to have yet another great Great Grandson serving the Lord with all his heart mind and soul. May God bless and be with you this coming week. Grandmagreat Hammond.


    • Oh, Braden, It is so wonderful to read your testimony! i know you are doing what Father wants you to do. It is good to always be trying to be serving the best we can— but know that everything you do and every person you influence by example or discussion has been touched by the Spirit and will add that to their arsenal of knowledge and opportunities to learn to know the Spirit. What a wonderful experience for the young man that is learning to recognize what his feelings can mean in his life. “Who’s on the Lord’s side?” YOU!!
      Love you, Gram


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