A Week of Growth


HELLLLLLOOOOOOOO from the good old CBBA!

This week was a really really good week of growth. That means it wasn’t the easiest week, but it was a week of growth. I really was excited to have Elder Davey as a companion, but it was hard to watch his enthusiasm for work wear off after a few days. The change was pretty dramatic.  He is a good guy, but in the mornings he brings a proverb to mind:
Proverbs 6:9 —How long wilt thou sleep, O sluggard? when wilt thou arise out
of thy sleep?
HAHAHAHA I found that one this week … .it’s true and funny.
So its been a little rough, BUT I HAVE BEEN WORKING SUPER HARD TO GAIN HIS LOVE AND TRUST. I wake up at 6:30, then go workout, shower, eat and make him breakfast. then take it to him. He eats, then showers. I make his bed, and then wash his plates. (And I actually ended up washing his shirts this week.) But, he is changing! He is noticing and is like “hey why do you do all this stuff for me?” and I just tell him “I love ya man:” and he actually is becoming a lot more motivated.
Okay, one fact to be honest about…. I love washing dishes. Its like the best thing ever!!!!!!!!! I totally miss doing that at home. I am definitely going to spend some quality time in the house washing dishes with you guys when I am done here:)
My pension, I guess I haven`t really talked about them, have I? Well they are super cool!!! We go there every day from 1 to 2 and eat lunch and do a bunch of FHE with them! They have just been my family away from home. We just are with them every day and I love them. They have this 8 year old girl named Carol who reminds me so much of Callie!!!! Its just fun to be in a house with a normal family who works hard to do what is right:) This is Bebo – my little baby friend!
Hermana Eli is super cool! And I have really developed a good relationship with her and she always says “Oh elder Hammond I just love you so much! ”  It’s because I do the dishes and apparently most missionaries treat the pensions unkindly. So I am gonna change that!  I feel like I just have gotten this desire to do good. IDK if that makes sense, but just thinking of doing something that isn`t Christlike, or loving – I am not gonna do it!  I have gained this desire to serve even if – or especially if- I don’t get anything in return.
We have been doing a ton of service. I have started doing what it says in D y C and “serving by the roadside” or “serve always by the wayside” and have been just helping the lil chollitas on the roads. If there is someone that needs help with anything, BOOM we`re there:) and it just makes me so HAPPY!!!
However, that is NOTHING like the joy I get from sharing the gospel. We have been contacting a bunch more!!!! I just love feeling like I need to talk to this person by the side of the road, so I just walk over and talk to them. Just saying Hi to people makes them smile, and then joke a bit and gain their trust, and I mean I don’t even care what happens. If they listen and eventually get baptized that would be sweet, but just being their friend is so great!!!!  I always tell people, “Hey that’s fine you don’t want to listen to us, but are we good being friends, right?? Can you be my bud? If I see you in the street I’m gonna high five you and talk to you, yeah?” They always get super surprised, like “WHAAAAA??? the missionaries don’t just want to baptize me? They just like ME??” Its pretty funny:)
This week was a good growing time:) Still working on Quechua…cant always have a SUPER AWESOME AMAZING WEEK, but I mean there is always, always, ALWAYS a super awesome amazing thing that you can make out of a sticky situation:):)
I got to have intercambios (my comp is district leader) with Elder FARROÑAN!!!!! WHOOO This guy is in my group and he is like my best friend here. He is SUPER motivated and we worked sooooooo hard when he came up here:) We had actually 14 lessons! Ridiculously busy, but it was so fun!
Also we had a SUPER SWEET LESSON this week! We had been working with an investigator who apparently isn`t in our zone, so technically we can’t baptize him, so the other elders will, but we teach him:) And he was like GOLD! He is super cool! Jesus is his name and he is a stud!!!! HE loves the church and is super happy, but hasn`t really felt like he has received “THE answer” It was like he wanted an angel and a voice from heaven saying “hey Jesu,s this is what’s right- do it.” We talked to him and with the help of the Spirit we just asked some questions and listened. He spoke, and we basically helped him figure out that his answer was from the Spirit and it came in the ways of the fruits of the Spirit, as found in Galatians 5:22?
fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.”
We talked to him about this, saying maybe your answer isn’t gonna be a voice… (maybe it could be? hahaha but that’s going be super rare and you`re probably going to be a prophet later (hehehe) )
We testified that the answer is going to be feelings, like happiness. He realized that and it was like a light hit. He said, “Wow elders. I just always feel happy after reading the BOM and going to church and talking to you guys, and then when you leave I have that happiness, but it isn`t the same and now I know that it’s true and that’s my answer”. It was so just BEAUTIFUL!!!! Because its true!!!!! The gospel brings a happiness that isn’t able to be matched by anything AND I ❤ that!!!!!! AHHH Sorry if I just get carried away:) I get so emotional when people “get it” and it’s the best helping them realize that this is the right thing. That they can choose to be baptized and do what the Lord wants!:)
That’s my week:) I love all of you!!!
Miss ya, and am praying for you!
Elder Hammond

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