A New Comp in Bella Vista

Helllloooo everyone!!!

This email might be a little random, because a lot lot looooootttt of stuff happened, and I`m just trying to remember it all, so just bear with me, yeah?

Well, first, I GOT A NEW COMP!!!! I am super happy!!!! Elder Davey is his name and is super cool, funny, and just kinda stereotypical Utah kid. He has 14 months in the mish, and is the new district leader (but he`s never done that and doesn`t really know what he is doing -so we are just working through it together:)) But he loves working, and I LOVE HIM FOR THAT!!!  I was getting a bit worn down of trying to motivate someone else to work and it is so much better when we both WANT to change peoples lives!!!! I LOVE THAT!!!
AHHH I LOVE WORKING HERE IN BELLA VISTA!!!! It really just gives me the most joy I could ever get in my life!! Just watching people`s lives change for the better with the gospel! We have seen drunks just become amazing fathers, cheaters come back and change, and people who were in dark places, find happiness and just feel so full of the love of God. I literally don’t know how people can go less active after feeling this!!! I know I could not. I love this happiness too much.
This week we just got to work, and we had a member come with us, this super cool chap named Misael, and we taught a ton with him!!! We are really gaining new investigators, because we have baptized all of our awesome ones. That’s not really a problem I should complain about, but we have had SO MANY LESSONS!!! about 10 with a member, then 14 others, and then 12 with menos activos and 3 with recent converts. I think we are going to go to the temple and do baptisms with Daisy (recently baptized) pretty soon! I am SUPER pumped about that!! AHHH THE TEMPLE!! IS THE BEST!!!!!
So, Elder Davey – he is funny! SUPER TALL!!! WOW HES 6`4″!
He hits his head on a lot of things here, BUT we got a new elder in our zone and he is 6^8″!!! He plays ball for the University of Utah, and he’s just a big dude. He was dunking like it was nothing this morning. WOWZA I WISH I WAS TALL, but maybe not that tall.
We played soccer with the branch on saturday, it was SUPER FUN! We actually represented the gringos and were playing super well. We met a bunch of menos activos playing there and so we have a connection to start more contacting!
Also, check out my boar from English class we teach:
Basically this week we contacted a bunch and got lots of new citas! We have 10 new investigators and are working on improving our contacting. This week alone, I had 35 Contacts- where you stop someone in the road and then just talk to them (It can be nerve-racking, but it’s awesome) We had a really effective, amazing week… This transfer will be Super duper.
I also got to try sopa de mani (peanut soup) and it was legitimately good! I can see why everyone here loves it!”!!!!
My week was super smooth, feeling great and not hurt by any flying rocks, etc. (hahah knock on wood) and just happy. I love the work, the Lord, and my mission. Love all of you, and am praying for all of you!!!
Elder Hammond

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