Last Week of Cambio 2

 Hellloooooooo everyone!

My week was FANTASTIC!!!!!! I absolutely had a terrific week! I’m not sure why I am so happy, but I just really am happy! The beginning of the week was rough, Monday I was hurting everywhere – still growing!!  
I have tried to be obedient, and I was seriously blessed!  I had a great week! I know that the Lord gives us trials so that we have two options: 1. cry a bit and say “life`s hard- I cant do this” OR 2. suck it up and keep moving on with obedience. I like the second;)
I KNOW the Lord blesses us when we choose the second! No matter how hard, just keep pushing through with faith! That happened to us! Elder Cortez has been a little hurt (there was an accident where he fell down the stairs because he was doing a HAPPY dance that I got a package and we were eating cookies!! hahaha) but we got together in companion counsel and decided no matter what we are gonna be happy and just work and work, and loose ourselves in the work. And we did just that! And we had SO MUCH SUCCESS!!!! We now have six people ready to be baptized and four people that  were brought back to full membership! I was so happy! AM so happy! I love the Lord and how he loves and blesses us! We reached the “norms of excellence” for missionaries (it’s with the numbers we turn in every week, like you have to have 10 lessons with members, 10 new investigators, one person baptized and confirmed in the cambio, and then a bunch of other stuff, but we did it!:), so I guess we get a paper from presi??  I don’t care, I just am happy that we were able to help so many people!
We had an amazing experience: We were walking to our cita that we were late for, and we had to walk another Km, and as we are walking, Cortez just goes “hey we gotta go to this house down this road” And I was like yeah, okay, whatever you say!” So we went and as we knocked on this door, a woman came out, we told her we had a message that would change her life and make her the happiest she`s ever been. (strong promise huh? ITS TRUE!!!!) And as we talked with her, she talked more and shared that as we knocked she was just about to go and drink because her life is falling apart and she is super sad and just she didn’t know what to do and we showed up! It was just so amazing! She started crying and was so happy and AHHH I WAS CRYING IT WAS SO AWESOME!!! When you are prepared, the Lord knows it and will help you! I love the gospel and just the blessings we see in the mission!
But yeah Our week was great. We taught, invited people to come to Christ, and had a bit of fun in the process:)
Oh also IT RAINED!!! Our house is on the roof…. HAHA We had the flood of 2016 in our house!!! We worked all night trying to keep the water from getting in our room! it was great- it POURED! I was so happy for all the farmers:) those lil chollitas who don’t have water, they are SUPER HAPPY!
Also, this is the last week with Elder Cortez:/ I am not gonna lie – I am a bit bummed. BUT HE IS A ZONE LEADER NOW! Crazy Cortez is in charge of people! hahahaha. I’m super happy for him- Its going to be awesome:)
My new comp (who I get tomorrow) is named Elder Davie(???) He is a gringo, and super tall:( hahaha. Just kidding. I guess my time as tallest in Bella Vista had to end. hahahaha But I am super pumped! He is going to be the District leader for our district, so I`ll be helping out with that!!! It was a bit amazing- From our 8 pairs of missionaries, we had three new zone leaders, two new district leaders, and two new trainers!!!!  Every single person who left got a leadership position- That’s awesome! Its been amazing to see the blessings the Lord has given us in this zone and district!
I love you ALL!!!! Keep the faith, keep a smile, and keep choosing the harder right;)
the church is true, through and through, and I hope you know I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
Elder Hammond

One thought on “Last Week of Cambio 2

  1. Elder Hammond, I love your letters, They are entertaining, informational and so very up-lifting and inspiring. Thank you for the view into your daily activities and especially for the pictures that emphasize the joy of serving the Lord. Thanks for reminding me that with every trial there comes a blessing. Love you forever, Grandma great.


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