Growing (Physically & Metaphorically)

Hey Everyone!My week was really great!!! I am completely focusing on looking at the Lord`s hand in my life this past week:) And as I have been focusing on that I have REALLLLLY seen the blessings and just am so HAPPY!!! I LOVE MY MISSION!!!! I am so happy! I know that this is the gospel of Jesus Christ restored on the earth. I know that my mission is to bring all to repentance and just to help them receive the restored gospel and feel the joy that I have felt in my life. Am I perfect?? Absolutely NO! But with the atonement I have been blessed beyond belief and I just know I am in the right! I love the gospel and am willing to sacrifice ALL for the gospel and anything God asks me to do. 

As I have started to truly feel this conviction, I have really been tested. As expected 🙂

 But with every test with my comp or with others when they are putting me in situations where I have to stand up for my beliefs, I can testify that I haven`t fallen!! I really have grown to “look to the Lord” and not mix up the first two commandments. I love this.

The first commandment is to love the Lord, then to love others. There is a reason we have this order! We are tested many times every day to see who we will put first in our lives! I recognize that now because there are many things I can choose, to make my comp happy, or a member and not say “hey that’s wrong , we know this is wrong stop” or say that to him and face the consequences. I am not really a person to contradict people here in the mission, but I have become so brave in my beliefs here in Bolivia and know the Lord will bless me to find a way to stand up for what is right and not offend anyone in the process. As I have strengthened my testimony, I am really willing to stand up to anyone with my testimony. AND I LOVE THAT!!!!!!!

I am feeling good… I still get quite a bit of persecution for my skin color…like an “accident” this week where I got whacked in the face with a piece of lumber. But HEY! We actually went and talked to the guy to contact him and he talked to us!


This week I woke up like three times because my hips hurt SO much and when I measured this morning (I made a mark when I came into the house) I am over a half inch taller!! My body is SO tired this week, and random joints HURT, but it means I am growing so I am VERY happy:)

This is a pic from a BBQ we had for this elder who is about done here in Bolivia!

We didn’t have the planned baptism, because of some bad things that happened, but it is just delayed so that’s good:) 
Also an AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!!! SO…. We have been teaching this girl who`s grandma has been coming to church, and we wanted to teach her, but the girl always says “NO don’t teach her she will be horrible to you! She will hate you like all the other missionaries!” So, we let her be, but as I have been focusing on teaching ALL, I was like no, we are gonna teach her like everyone else and actually said to my comp, “hey Cortez -you got faith?” So we went and got a member who speaks Quechua (mine isn`t good enough to teach yet) and went and taught her AND IT WAS AMAZING!!!!! I was able to understand everything, and the grandma and her three grandkids are going to be baptized on the 5 or 12 of November!!! IT WAS SO AWESOME! you never know who is ready to receive the gospel, you just have to open your mouth and try:) and I love that. The Lord blesses us when we act in faith, like the brother of Jared! I love that story and am trying to act in faith a lot more in my mission:) 

Here is a pic of a birthday tradition here…fun times!

I love you all, and am praying for you!!!! Love ya!

Elder Hammond


2 thoughts on “Growing (Physically & Metaphorically)

  1. Elder Hammond, I so enjoy your descriptive and inspiring letters, Thank you for your sincere love for the gospel and those you are serving. I am sure that the Lord will use your humble and willing heart to do wonderful things for those you are led to. I look forward to your weekly reports . We love you and pray for your continued success and safety. Love from great Grandma Hammond

    On Wed, Oct 19, 2016 at 12:34 PM, letters from elder hammond wrote:

    > lettersfromelderhammond posted: “Hey Everyone!My week was really great!!! > I am completely focusing on looking at the Lord`s hand in my life this past > week:) And as I have been focusing on that I have REALLLLLY seen the > blessings and just am so HAPPY!!! I LOVE MY MISSION!!!! I am so happ” >


  2. Elder Hammond, I have just experienced the saddest and yet most spiritual moment of my life. I said good by to your great-grandfather. I know that all the things that are taught in the scriptures, all the years of service rendered, and all the love for his posterity are culminated in his release from this life and advancement to the next. I know with out a doubt that the things you are experiencing and learning today will make you a strong and valiant leader in Heavenly Father’s kingdom here and through eternity. Grandpa was so pleased with his sons, grandsons and now the first great-grandson who have and now serves Heavenly Father. You have set the mark and we pray that there will be many others who will also follow your lead. I shall always treasure the memory of the young child who stood on the coffee table to wield his might sword in serving the Lord. I am so pleased you have measured up to your goals. I send you my love today, and I am sure that you will continue to be watched over by grandpa.


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