HELLO everyone!!!!!image

My week was amazing! We were riding off of that spiritual high of conference, and that was awesome! We worked so hard this week-every night we just got home and planned, then just crashed. Cortez was so tired he fell asleep during his prayer – he woke up at like 3 because his knees hurt hahahahahah but it shows how hard we are working:)

But I haven`t really talked much about our inveestigators… sorry!


Haha- these are not our investigators…see description later 🙂

some of our great investigators:
Giovana and Luis, these hooligans are great. We met them trying to contact a referal, and they answered! Technically Giovana is the aunt of Luis but they are the same age, but she TOTALLY bosses him around. They are super awesome! She is a professional soccer player (16) and Luis is a wack job (15) but they love hearing about the gospel! We work in their rose gardens once a week, and my hands get destroyed -the thorns are huge! but its good service:)

Jose and Lucy: I`ve talked about them before, but they are really progressing! Jose is getting officially divorced this month with his ex, then he and Lucy are going to be married in December and then we can baptize Lucy! WHOOO I LOVE this Famiyl! They are so aweosme!!! Everytime we walk down their path, the kids scream “TIOS!!!!” -they think we are their uncles hahah but they`re awesome!:)

Martina- she owns a store and gives us water when its hot. She was really sad with her old church because they all can pray for an hour or more. We taught her that yes, it is a commandment to pray, but there isn`t a commandment to pray for an hour. So, that was cool.  She is really interested and we probably will be commiting her to a date this week!!!!

Felix. He is our programmed baptism for the 22nd, but he doesn`t speak or understand Spanish. So we have to have a translator for him, and those lessons are really cool! I am starting to unerstand most of Quechua. I can`t really speak, but I`m learning!!!!!
But those are our cool investigators- we contact a lot and do a lot of service!

This week we also had zone conference, and it went SUPER WELL!!!! I loved it! learned a ton and loved the spirit we felt there. We sang and it sounded so good! I can`t upload videos here, but I`ll try next week:)


Bella Vista (my area) had their celebratioin for their patron virgen. Which was sweet because there were huge parties and dances! Reallly similar to native american dances, like at a pow-wow.  Each one had a relato or story behind it and it was cool! We met a ton of members there, and they all danced and it was sweet!!!!

But that was my week:) great progress! I`m happy with how my language is coming and loving the people here!!!!

Love you guys too!
Elder Hammond
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