Hello everyone,

This week was really, really amazing!!!!

I loved conference! This conference was everything I wanted to hear and just perfect- I loved it so much! I loved the talks on the atonement and how we can repent everyday. I am working on that in my mission, just little stuff that doesn`t seem so important, I just feel so much better asking for forgiveness. I am realizing that the atonement isn`t just a forgiveness, but the only way we can improve and better ourselves:) I love that!!! We are working on becoming better missionaries here in Bella Vista:)
There is a family that came and listened to that talk about the names, and they have a little boy, and they haven`t given him a name for two months now! After that session they said, “Elder Hammond, we want our boy to grow up like you.” So they are naming him Braden Matthews Barrio Nuevo! I love the people here.
This week I am going to sing in the zone conference so that`ll be cool:)  “Oh Lord My Redeemer” I am super pumped, but a lil bit nervous:) So that`ll be Friday.
The rest of this week really flew by! We had 11 new investigators so that was awesome!!!! We really are just building confidence here -so that’s nice:)
I guess I haven’t really talked about the culture here much – sorry!
Basically Bolivia is in two generations. Cholitas and cholitos and then the modern people. Cholitos are people who just are traditional, like wearing 9 skirts and they only speak Quechua. They don’t use phones that much or know that much about the world outside of their mountain. The modern people are their children but they don`t want to be like their parents. It’s really a HUGE difference, but it’s interesting. There are always ads like “One Bolivia” so I think its a concern.
OH YEAH, here is a funny story. We got attacked by a group of school girls! haha It was like something from a movie – we were just walking and yeah, I’m a gringo but I guess these chicks had never seen a gringo guy before in real life so they just chased us saying they wanted to kiss us! hahaha It was absolutely terrifying! We  took off sprinting and these girls were surprisingly fast!!!!! hahaha. That was my hilarious experience this week.
Another unique thing is the CARS – this is crazy- the majority of cars run on natural gas! Its crazy that they don’t use gasoline! Its kinda cool to see so many converted natural gas cars, but its also funny because the guys here LOVE their cars, and think they are sooooo cool, and super fast, but they max out at 100 kph (62 mph) Every one drives so slow here. The other day I did some calculations, and I can run almost as fast as some of these trufis that take us places.  We`ll be in a rush, but nope 20 kph is about all they drive.
But yeah, my week was great- I loved it! I love the area, the people in it, and have actually been asked by like two or three people “why are you so happy??”
We got to attend a birthday party for one of the little kids on our ward.  I love these families!
I love and miss you guys!
Keep serving, keep moving forward in faith
Come what may and love it!
<Elder Hammond

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