Why I Am Here


This week was so good!!!! We didn’t have any baptisms, but we are making super good progress with our investigators:) We have a goal of 6 rescues of menos activos, and then 2 baptisms for this month – so it’s going to be awesome!
I am so happy the Lord is blessing me. I really am so happy to be here in Bolivia. I know that this is where I am supposed to be. Of course it’s rough at times, but I KNOW with all of my heart that this is where I am supposed to be.
I was called by a prophet of god! And I know that Pres. Monson is truly a man called of God. If I´m not here, I am not able to change lives, and be the Lord’s hands. I really just wish I was more worthy. Clearly, I’m not doing anything bad, but I just wish I could be better at “becoming perfected in Christ.” I guess that’s my only frustration, I have such high expectations for myself, but I know that everything and anything is possible with Christ.
I know that the church is true. I know that THIS is where I need to be, and I am praying for all of you -every single one! I am experiencing the change described in Alma, that change of heart that we need in order to be able to report our lives to God in final judgement. I love that! and I love helping people here feel that too. There are so many people that don’t know that it’s true-All of it. They just do the right things, but never have that full conversion. If anyone reading this ever has a question, a doubt, or a concern about the church or the Gospel, ask me! Please! because I know it’s true.  Because of that, I have an obligation to share the joy that I have in my life from the gospel and I really just want others to feel that! Because I just… ahhh!! I know that these people will be blessed and its so hard not to just be like “HEY you will be happy and get the things you´re looking for with the gospel.” hahaha. All of you back home, out there, you guys are leaders. Be leaders! Don’t be afraid, if others don’t like you for that, stand up for what you know is right. Because when we do that, we WILL be blessed. I can testify to that. I´ve been spit on, rocks thrown at me, hit by a car, had things yelled at me, and just all kinds of nasty stuff, but I WILL stay strong. I know what I´m doing is the best thing I can do. So If you miss me, know I love you, but I am serving the Lord .  Don’t focus on yourself, focus on others. Focus on the needs of others, focus on how YOU can help others. I know that this is the only way we can be happy.
Well, general conference is this weekend!!!! I am SOOOOOO pumped to listen!!! hahaha you have no clue how pumped I am. I have been studying like a madman over the last conference and have gotten so many sweet answers!!! I am so excited to hear a prophet of God speak to us! Somehow, it always is like he has the answers for me -like directed right at me! Sometimes its “you gotta be better”, and sometimes its “good job elder Hammond!” 🙂

music-Be Still My Soul-. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKGGUJoRvPs I love this song. Its the one that I JAM out to on piano.Plus there have been sometimes that I just get so overwhelmed with stress and stuff here or I’m hurting or I’m just tired and need motivation, I just listen to this! 
BUT I also absolutely the Mormon tabernacle choir and all of their stuff, so its super nice!
Best part of this week. When I GOT YOUR LETTERS!!!! AHHH SO FREAKING HAPPY! Also had an intercambio with Elder Robbins again and he’s the BEST! He’s going home in 30 days – he is super nice!! He was chill and we had a super nice day working together. We watched a chicken fight practice. they had boxing gloves!! HAHAH lil chicken boxing gloves- I was dying! that’s not something you see every day.
Worst part of week?  We didn’t have any bad stuff this week!  Well, when Robbins and I were comps, it was rough because we were two gringos, and they hate gringos here. So, we had lots of really nasty stuff yelled at us, and some people chucking rocks, and spitting, but it was annoying, because a ton of the trufi drivers wouldn´t pick us up. But you know what the scriptures say, as members we should “take up our cross and be reviled and suffer the same things Christ suffered” which helps me because I know I can rely on Christ, because he went through the same stuff I am, and he can help and support me. So that’s nice, I just rely on him and if I’m sad, I know that it is for the best and “for thy experience” (DC 122)
Food is good! I am not sick anymore so that’s nice! There is a food here that I LOVE Its called Salteñas. They are these baked things that have a ton of juices and stuff inside, its for breakfast, but SUPER RICO!!! They are packed with juices, and its a lot of pressure because when we eat them EVERYONE is watching carefully… but so far I haven´t spilled all over myself. hahah
Oh and we had a shower situation… well… basically something went wrong and the part that kind of heats the water kinda blew up.. so its been freeeeeeeeezing water all week, but the dueña is coming to fix it tomorrow so that’s nice!!!
I miss the fall, its heating up here, it was like 96 here until it rained then it went back to 86ish, so that’s nice!!!!!!
I gotta go!! I LOVE YOU!!!! MISS YOU all!!!!!!!
Elder Hammond

One thought on “Why I Am Here

  1. Hey, Elder Hammond,

    Know we are praying for you every day—many times every day.. How much we love you!!! We are so proud of the great attitude you have and how hard you are working..

    Gram and Grandpa


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