Working Hard!

Hello everyone!!!
I miss you all so much!

This week has been a really good week! we have been working sooooo hard! We found 11 new investigators this week, and managed to teach around 23 lessons, and THEN 6 with members!!! The Lord is really blessing us and letting us work this week.
We also had a baptism this week!!! Daisy decided to be baptized and it was so amazing. This girl literally has the moist faith that I have ever seen!
Her family doesn´t like the church, but she is just going to press on and believes that everything is going to be alright, which is such an example for me!!!! She is so sweet, also she drew a picture of Jesus for us which is awesome (see pictures).
We spent most of the week teaching and meeting people- which was fantastic. We are working hard at learning the Quechua language slowly but surely. I can say “hi, I dont speak this language, and bye, good, bad” and just a few other phrases…and thats about it. We have two investigators who only speak that, and no Spanish, so we have to go teach with a translator.
For the baptism we were really nervous about having people there, because there was a primary activity for the stake and a temple activity for the priesthood, so all of the moms kids and dads were out of town…. super scary when you have your strongest investigators baptism!  But we ended up buying three “interminables” which are pizzas (like the beast, at home, but MASSIVE) …like you need three people to carry one! So we bought those, and they were reimbursable, and the whole RAMA showed up!!!! It was a super great blessing for Daisy to feel loved and supported by the branch!!!
But that was my week! I’m feelling good, not sick, and just happy with the work and ready to work harder this week!!!:) I love and miss you guys!!!!!
Elder Hammond

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