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First, I will start with some random stuff and answers to some of your questions…
Food here? not the best. We did find this guy, who makes american bbq.. it is soooo good. Basically everything here is fried. We have rice… like 3 cups of it, a fried meat, and a version of a potato. and that is basically every meal.  When they feed you, it’s like so much food you want to throw up. I have had to cover my mouth because I honestly think I am about to vomit it is so much gross food.  However, if you don´t finish its like one of the most insulting things you can do. One day, we ate at 5 houses! AH it was so gross. We just shovel the food into our mouths, and try not to throw up or cry. hahaha -just praying to be more grateful.
We don´t really have access to milk.  :((((((( its the worst. I buy like little milk thingys at the tiendas, but its like three sips and we really don´t have the money for milk, like real milk in the big bags ( milk comes in bags here) so that’s a bummer.
My comp, Cortez. He has had a rough time. He got dear johned 😦 She friend-zoned him last week.  He was so sad it took like 3 solid days for me to cheer him up. and just now he found out his primo (cousin) died. So, it’s gonna be a rough week, but I’m gonna love him even more!
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Me? I think I´m doing really well. I am still super sick, but I guess it’s just a part of life here, and the weird thing is – that I am happy! haha Like yeah sometimes I want to just cry in the bathroom, but outside of there, I just always am happy… I am receiving blessings, am I right?!
We have had more food lately, I’m just having a hard time keeping any of it down.
 hahaha. I just put on my jeans this morning and can put two fingers inbetween my waist and the jeans, so I’m at least getting nice and skinny 🙂
Fav part of week? We gave a blessing to a woman who hadn´t been able to talk for 5 years, and yesterday we had a whole convo with her! It was AMAZING!!! I really was suprised, but I knew that if she had the faith it would happen!
We also had another blessing, in that there was this family where the grandparents want to be baptized, but the parents wouldn´t let the little boy, so we were just gonna baptize the grandparents. BUT when we went to go and talk with Limbe (the boy) His dad came down and started listening… and by the time we finished, the DAD was bearing his testimony of the church!!! AHAHAHA It was crazy! I have never seen a parent so supportive of a baptism! Huge blessing for all of  us.
We have about 200 people in our area that are members and 26 show up on sunday… so a TON of less actives.
Gor P-day we got to go to the ruins at Cipe Cipe with my zone – SUPER fun!
okay general email time…
Basically I´ve been sick. Like not super bad, but bad enough to notice. It was fine for the frist three days, but after a week it has really drained me-  emotionally, and physically. So I have been super tired, and just worn out. But I have been praying a ton for strength physically and emotionally. I am really learning to rely on the Lord. I am noticing his hand in my life much more.
Its weird becasue before, I looked at life as me against the world. But now, I KNOW that it is us against satan. He is our only enemy that is really trying to get us.
Like with our companionship, we are supposed to have our best week this coming week -We are supposed to have all this great stuff happen, three baptisms on saturday! However, on Sunday there is a mandatory ban on cars, and two of the people are 80+ years. There is just opposition to everything.  I don’t know how we are going to get them the 3 km to church. But I´m going to… even if that is carrying them on my back. I guess that’s something I´m learning – to be persistent against adversity, even to a fault.  I’m learning about being determined.. because sometimes we knock on a door … and no one, and then after 5 more mins of knocking and yelling they actually do come out, and we teach them! There are a lot of blessings for being patient 🙂
This is me knocking doors at the ruins…definitely requires patience when they all died over 1000 years ago. 🙂
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I am really learning love. There are so many people that it is just so hard to love them, because they don´t like us, or are just mean, but as I try to love them and pray to love them, I find that it is so much easier to teach them!!!!
We teach around 4 citas a day noramlly, and then 2 with a member, contact for an hour and then study and plan for 4.
I have been learning a lot about the power of prayer… hahah notice a theme?I just need to rely on the Lord more.  I have decided to read the Book of Mormon in Spanish and to pray before I do that for the gift of tounges, and this week my Spanish has come SOOO far! I am using all tenses, and actually taught a whole lesson including all questions by myself! I am also marking every reference to God and Jesus Christ, becasue there are a TON of people here that say we aren´t Christian! And just in 1st Nefi, I have had 511 direct references to Christ! I also am finishing the entire book in a month, which is 21 pages a day. Cortez and I read in the opposite language, out loud- haha so, about an hour of reading/speaking. It’s awesome!!!
I’ve been thinking about a my career? Really, no exact ideas… but I can tell you it’s not farming. Wednesday we worked for 7 hours in the field picking ajo. It was great… and horrible if I had to do it all the time. But I just want to study and learn. Wow I have a desire to learn so much.
Laundry. Well,  it’s a great experience. This week I was so tired and sick and just felt dead. I just missed everything, and felt like I was about to cry, but I was determined not to cry, so I started douing laundry at night. The water was freezing and I couldn´t even move my hands after. It ended up being a great experience because I felt a little overwhelmed and prayed and immediately knew that God is there always and that will will help me.  Even if I’m just doing laundry in the freezing cold water.
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I love you all! So much!
And Miss you guys!
Love and miss you, keep praying 🙂
Elder Hammond

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