Week 3

Braden started to write an email, then someone got sick and he had to leave to take them to the hospital.  By the time he got back, he was out of time for writing much of an email.  He apologized for the short update and said he would try to catch us up next week.****

Week three! halfway done with the first Cambio (transfer)! That´s crazy – honestly it´s flown by!:)
I have had a lot of great experiences this week!

My compi has been super sick this week, so pray for him.
I´m really trying to be happy and help him, but he’s not feeling great.
I love the work here and love him.

One sad note about Bolivia: there is NO cheese here.

Good news about Bolivia: I have broken my habit of biting my nails. I can´t even put my hands close to my mouth here because my hands are so dirty always! My fingers just are brown now, and I can´t even seem to wash it off. I´m getting used to the dirtiness of everything, but don’t worry, I am still keepng up on hygiene 😉

One odd thing about Bolivia: here no one can pronounce their Rs. So perro is pezzo. They use zs instead- weird, right? hahaha Its so funny!

One interesting thing about Bolivia: Each week for us to get to church we have a truck that comes and like 17 people get in the back and ride to church together.
It’s kind of funny, but I love it here!

This week we had stake conference whch was super cool! But also made us nervous, becasue people would have to go further to attend church and we weren´t sure that the investigators would come, but we had a ton show up! It was so awesome! Daisi showed up with her mom and that was the coolest blessing of this week! We are going to their house to make smores and have FHE with them tonight. I am super pumped! Stake conference was all about families, and a lot about that fact that husbands need to love and support their wives. They preached to the husbands and it was intesne!!!!!!!!

We had intercambios this week and I was with Elder Robbins, who has 22 months down, and is about to go home. He’s gringo and super cool! I really really liked him- it was so cool going and knocking doors with him- he is super effective and we got 7 new people to teach!

IMG_7215We are teaching mainly the same investigators and they are progressing. We´re trying to help each one work through any issues that are holding them back. We had another birthday party for one which was fun.

Food. We have been eating more, (you’re welcome mom) and drinking a ton! We almost had dinner everyday every day this week. When people do feed us, they give us so much it’s a little crazy.

I love it here and love the work! Im really strengthening my testimony and those of the others! I love you guys! and miss you so much!

Elder Hammond


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