Lessons from the week


This week has been a great learning experience! I was super sick all week, but I´m better now. It really was  a great thing, becasue now I am learning to rely so much on the Lord for help.  I am realizing that everything we do and all our success is from Him. Im learning to become a lot more humble (is it prideful to say that? hahah thats a riddle;))  Seriously, though, I´m learning a ton about the power of prayer and that when we are obedient the Lord blesses us! We did have some rough experiences but they all had a bright side!

1. Dog bite. Well, we found out that if you have rabies and don´t get treated in ten days, you die.  WHOOHOO hahah… So I was a little scared and nervous because we couldn´t find the dog when we went to look for it, but then I read the scripture 1 Nefi 9:6, and basically it calmed me, because I know that God has a plan for us. I realized that if its His will that I die, then so be it, but I´m on a mission and don´t think I will, becasue the Lord will take care of me:) Just a great lesson!
2. We have two girl investigators, Daisi y Fernanda. Amazing sisters that really really wanted to get baptized! So awesome! They were like ¨this saturday!¨and we were like “okay!” So, we quickly got an interview scheduled, and they passed with flying colors!!! But… their mom is super catholic, and when they went to ask her if the younger one could be baptized, she got super upset at them and absolutely refused that they could be baptized! It was so sad, because we were praying so much for them and that it would go well, and we got the text in the morning that it went horribly for them! 😦
 We were so sad:( (see 2.5)
2.5/3. When church started on sunday, we had 14 people show up…. so sad. Because we had a bunch of people say that they would come. So we were really disappointed.  And then… one person entered, and then another, and then a family, until the WHOLE chapel was full! There were eventually people in the hallways listening!!!! (Which was a little scary because I was giving a talk -haha- but it went well!) We ended up having 12 investigators show up for all three hours! INCLUDING Daisi and Fer!!!! I almost cried when I saw them! AHHH they are so great! They are so strong in their faith and they said that, ¨Nobody is going to stop us from praying or coming to chuch.¨Such amazing examples! They said that their brother also wants to come to church to and be baptized! which is SOOO great for their fam! And their mom agreed that she might come to church and give it a try! so the Lord is really blessing us all!!!
Also, we had 6 less active families show up!!! We were SO happy!
Names in specific for you to pray for:
 Daisi y Fer
Jose (Smith he says, but we think its a joke 🙂
Familia Coria
We are looking to have 7 baptisms on the 3rd of next month!!!!! So that’s exciting! and if the girls get baptized, then that’s 9! WHOOOO, the work is moving fast!
So this weekend and Monday and Tuesday is the festival of the Virgin Ulcopiña(???) and basically the cities are blocked off. The roads are just massive parades! and the bands are suprisingly really good! It’s cool because there is a ton of dancing, and TONS of tent shops. basically like everysingle person is in Quillacolla, the city south of us, and then cocha is east of that. That is the path we take to get to Cocha-we take a  trufi to Quilla, then to Cocha. But TONS of thousands of people. We are basically locked in our apartment all day today, tomorrow, and yesterday. We are only allowed to leave if we are in street clothes and with no name tag. It’s a Catholic holiday, and they are mostly all super intoxicated, which can make it a little dangerous for us.
But its cool to watch!!!
Um, we´re down to one meal a day guaranteed. So, yeah. I’m losing weight which is cool, but we´re trying to buy some fruits and veggies to get some vitamins (not just rice and potatoes) to stay healthy.  We eat more when members feed us, but yeah the mission said only one meal a day from pensionista now.
So, for my exercises, I do about 70ish push ups, twice the day – In the morning and at night and then I do a 10 minute sesh of abs, and then a 4 minute plank. So if you have any indoor workout ideas feel free to send them:) I need some cardio ones too! Thank you!
My language is coming along perfectly, I really enjoy Spanish and its a little hard to start conversations in English now hahaha.
Biggest difference in culture I have found, is that they really don´t worry about privacy here. People just go to the bathroom in the alleys but a lot also just go in the street, which is gross. I´ve learned to not step in puddles hahaha. Couples here are also not too into privacy. We´ve had some awkward times where we walk down a side alley, and then run right back out. Basically, we do a lot of ¨Hey elder look over here at this pamphlet¨and try to avoid it all.
I am working hard on Quechua, but Quechua is really hard. It sounds like a mix of spanish, chinese and german- hahaha – but I’m picking up some of it. Also, it’s not a written language here, so most have no idea how to write it down to help teach me. But there ae temple sessions is Quechua here in our temple, which is cool! We are teaching a family- boy, girl and grandparents, but the grandparents only speak Quechua so we always have a member come translate, or the boy, limber translates. It’s super interesting!
This is Sister Brady…her family is in our ward in Kingwood!  We had to take a pic together for our moms 🙂
It was a great week.  I can´t wait to see what next week holds!!!!!
I love you all and pray for you all, all the time!
 Miss you!
Elder Hammond (Jamon)

One thought on “Lessons from the week

  1. Love reading about your adventures, Braden! Take care of yourself….sounds like you’ve had some challenges with dogs and illness……happy to know God has your back! Keep on keepin’ on!! Hugs to you from Emm’s Grammy.


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