MTC Week #2

Hello All!!!!

Love you guys so much! Since I sent my last email, things haven’t really slowed down! I thought being a zone leader was busy last week?? hahahahah wrong.
We spend so much time every day learning and working really hard at studying.  My Spanish is coming along!  As Zone Leaders, we spend a lot of time checking in on all of our elders and trying to help anyone who might need it.
I got to teach with some other elders this week – some of them were pretty quiet, so I guess it was a good measurement of my Spanish. I can now speak basically anything I want to and its becoming hard not slipping in Spanish words when I am speaking English. 🙂
On of my favorite elders is Elder Campbell who I LOVE!! He´s the only other American and the best! haha we are honestly like brothers, we´re so tight:)
 Also I met an Hermana Herrera? Super cool, tall, latino looking sister! Her grandpa is Elder Whetton, who´s house we lived in while we lived in the Colonies! So she knew me really well, but I actually didn´t really remember her– oops. But she´s really nice and plays volleyball on our competition league. I think her mom follows Mom on insta? idk, but i had to say that or else I´d forget. haha
Saturday I got to meet with the President to take care of a lot of mission business.  I realized how much love I have gained for the elders here.
Sunday we got to watch the Joseph Smith Movie. Prophet of the Restoration. Honestly, it was probably 200 elders and sisters just sitting and bawling together – the Spirit was so strong.
I have had some truly humbling experiences.  There have been some hard moments, but I am thankful for it all. This week, I have never felt closer to the Lord because I have prayed SO much for the missionaries in our zone. 
After lots of prayer, these are my thoughts. There will always be people that don´t want to change. There are people that continually are saying, “I am passing all of the minimum standards off, I really don´t want to do any more”.  That’s sad. Its living so far below our potential!  I am NOT going to be one of those people that just does the minimum, or even the average! I am not going to let Satan tell me that, “all is well in zion, you don´t need to change.” Because if I´ve learned anything here, it´s that we all need to change our hearts. Always. There is ALWAYS something we can better ourselves in, always something we can do better, a person we can love more, and a life we can touch more effectively.  I feel more motivated than ever to teach others about our Savior, and have a drive/desire to serve with ALL my heart might mind and strength.
Tuesday- Okay. On Tuesday I found out that THERE ARE PARROTS HERE!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH like just flocks of bright green parrots!”!!! it honestly is so beautiful here. I love it! the weather is perfect and the grounds are immaculate!!!!
Wednesday was our last day with Hermana Yañez 😦 she was the best teacher ever! and it was her last day, so that was sad.
Here is the update on our investigators. Keep them in your prayers!
Isidro- Our last lesson with him is sat. we have commited him to baptism and living all the commandments!
Sylvia- She broke up with Joel!!! And it was beautiful. our lesson over chastity was AMAZING! and she was really touched by the spirit and wanted to change!
Isabed Rayes- Went well! baptism next month!
But yeah!!! Its been an amazing week and I´ve learned a TON!!!!! I can´t wait to arrive in Bolivia- I leave here on Monday mid day and get to Cochabamba on Tuesday.
I miss and love you ALL!!!!
Thank you so much for all the love and prayers!
Con amor,
Elder Hammond (or jamon as they say it here)

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