First Week in the MTC

Hello All!!!!

First, buttons on my keyboard dont work… like the APOSTRAPHE BUTTON, OR THE QUESTION MARK… SO sorry about that hahahaa.


Honestly this is the most English Ive spoken or thought in probably like 8 days (question mark)

But yeah! its going super well. Macias and I are killing it here! We are the zone leaders, and its a little tough, because we have had a lot of work to do with everyone in our zone. But basically we have been working through issues and its been a GREAT learning experience.

We have classes from 8 AM to 9:30 at night with some studies thrown in the middle and food. The food is SUPER good! so thats a plus haha.

I have been super busy and really tired because we are supposed to go to bed at ten but Macias and I are running around interviewing Elders and taking care of responsibilities. Usually I go to bed around midnight, but yeah its a blast.

As zone leaders we get to teach real investigators starting this past week! Monday, Tuesday and yesterday we met with Hmna. Sylvia, who is not married, but is an amazing person! She is super sweet, kind, and just SOOOO prepared for the gospel! We talked with her about the restoration, and then prayed for her and her kids and then Macias testified about how the gospel will strengthen her family and that she will be a better example and mother for her kids! IT WAS AWESOME! She was crying and he was crying and then I was able to remember all the Spanish for the baptismal commitment, and SHE ACCEPTED!!! It was beautiful, and so pray for her to keep up her faith. And for us because we have to talk to her about leaving her boyfriend/dude, hes bad news, and she doesn’t like him… ugh…. So its complicated, but shes awesome and has a beautiful spirit about her.

We also have been teaching Hrno. Ibanez and he was awesome! He already had been to a few lessons with some elders that left and so he was really really ready and we got him to commit to baptism the week after we leave! So I won’t be able to baptize him:/ But he’s going to be baptized and thats awesome!!!

We have had a tough week this week with one of our elders. Elder Elias has been sent home and come back! which is awesome, but now he doesn’t want to work and has a hard time feeling the spirit. We had an amazing prayer as a district and we prayed for him and I had to Pray! hahah oh man…. but It was so awesome! because it was like instant gift of tongues and I could just say what I wanted and then I was just talking and not even thinking! I called down an angel to watch over him and to bless him with peace, and it was probably one of the most spiritual experiences I’ve ever had. We’re fasting and going to the temple today, so hopefully that helps him! It was a cool experience!

We have had some crazy stuff happen. Here’s the first 9 days:

* One kid almost died from an allergy attack, and that was super scary.

* I had the opportunity to give 4 blessings and watch 2 others

* I have learned how to conduct a lot of interviews

* 3 people committed to baptism

* 4 words mixed up. I was shouting BIRDS, BIRDS instead of a Couple (like a sister pairing off with an elder) but yeah hahahaha.

So that’s been the week!!


Les amo mucho. You guys are the best. I love you all.


Elder Hammond



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