Departure Day!


It was a hard day yesterday. Sending off the first child is always a tough time for Mom. However, several tissue packages later (the most going to Emi surprisingly), we hugged our little man and watched him go through airport security. IMG_6938IMG_6929IMG_6930

And if anyone was wondering–his last words were, “See ya in two.”


3 thoughts on “Departure Day!

  1. What a handsome young elder, I know he will be a great asset to the area where he serves. We are well pleased to have such a fine great-grandson and look forward to following his travels for the next two years. May God’s blessings go with you.


  2. Thanks for posting the sendoff pics! Our heart and prayers go with our “lead” Missionary. We are so excited for him and know the Lord will bless him with success and bless your family for all you have done to prepare him. We are so excited to follow his journey over the next two years. Absolutely happy and righteously proud grandparents (is that ok to claim…righteously proud?) of Elder Hammond!


  3. You can add the same for great grandparents, I solved the problem of pride with this phrase, “In whom we are well pleased”. What an example for all those future missionaries that are still in progress.


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