Some Info about Cochabamba, Bolivia

We have been nonstop researching the region of Cochabamba in an attempt to better understand the area before we ship Braden off. Here are some cool things that we have found out:

  • The Bolivia, Cochabamba Mission is the highest altitude mission of any that are open currently.
  • There are around 192,000 members in the city of Cochabamba, living within 253 congregations. There are four missions that cover the city and surrounding areas.
  • The only temple in Bolivia is located in Cochabamba.
  • Cochabamba houses the largest Christ statue in the world (larger than Rio’s).
  • The city population is 608,276, making┬áCochabamba the third largest city in Bolivia.
  • Although Spanish is the most commonly used language, the country of Bolivia has 37 official languages (Ensley keeps trying to convince us that the other 36 are just dialects of Swahili…not sure why)



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