February 5, 2018


How is everyone doing??? I love Avaroa!! I really like my new comp, he is a great guy and really cool! I can see us becoming REALLY GOOD friends. He is a LOT like me… like freakishly like me… hahahahah. We like the same stuff and movies and laugh the same way. He loves singing, he swam seriously, is super smart and has a knack for calling people out on inaccurate facts like I do, so I gotta be on my game! It’s so nice to be challenged mentally in conversation and he’s beaten me 8 times in chess and I’ve only won once!! Not that I’ve played much chess, but I can usually beat anyone. It’s so good to be challenged:)))
The area is awesome!!! Its super cool and the people are really nice. There are a ton of fruit trees so we can just grab fruit because they are all planted from the government! If you look for Calle Diez in Avaroa in the south side of Quillacollo, you might be able to google-see our house;) hahahahaha
We saw that the cine was playing this Disney movie?! Obviously, we didn’t see it, but it made us happy just to see a Disny-Pixar display in town.
The investigators here are awesome! The zone seems to have a few issues, but we are working hard to help get things in order. The theme of our zone this cambio is: D&C 64:33-34 and we LOVE IT! We are trying to be perfectly obedient, so that the small things can bring us BIG blessings!!!
I have been studying a bunch of talks from Elder Holland back from when  he was president of BYU. One quote he shares I really like is:
The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” — Martin Luther King, Jr.
He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.
Those two were in an amazing talk – I love his teachings.
I am focused on trying to be a disciple of Christ, no matter the circumstances because if we want to be more like Christ, we HAVE to suffer in this life. We have to become like Him and He endured every trial and form of suffering.
I think we all can embrace the challenges we encounter in life and not run from them because it is in times of challenge that we grow the most!!!!
Love you all!!!!
Elder Hammond
PS Its getting rainy and flooding here.

January 29, 2018

Hello everyone!!!! How are you all doing? I’m just dandy!

We had an amazing week with some baptisms and some cambios and some fun moments sprinkled on top:)) We had the baptisms of the remaining members of the Huarachi family! It went really well and it is so cool to get to baptize people. Overall, this week, we worked hard and had fun:)

Talmage, I have to tell you – we had an AWESOME lunch on Sunday! actual mashed potatoes, you would have loved it!!!!!!! It was SO YUMMY the hermana Moya is literally the best cook in Bolivia, I’m certain.
Cambios happened and I’m going back to the zone Quillacollo as zone leader- Its gonna be super fun! I’m with elder Estes, who is a great singer, so we are going to sing a LOT together! I’ve learned so much over the past couple of transfers with my comp. I really do love him. Right before the cambios call we were talking about goals and I kept encouraging him to keep improving. He kept telling me that he had already changed enough and was just fine after everything he has learned over the past 2 transfers.  When we got the call for cambios, the elder said, “Elder Hammond, here’s a sentence we never thought we would hear: tell your comp he is going to train.” When I told him he finally sighed and said, “I guess I have to get better.” HAHAHA. Its been a great few months helping him learn what a great elder he can be!
Elder Estes and I are looking forward to working really hard and helping the zone out. Love you all!
Keep being awesome!!! and keep RE-READING the general conference talks, they are SOOOOOO GOOD! I have learned so much. I have been doing president Nelson’s challenge from last January (like you guys did last year) to study every scripture that talks about Christ and it has been SUPER awesome – I have learned a TONNNN!
Love you all!
Elder Hammond

January 15, 2018

Hi everyone! My week went really well -we had a lot of fun and actually had some amazing citas:) We taught the familia Aguilar about sealings and they are setting the goal to be sealed in the temple!! I was also able to go through the temple this week with a convert before he left for the mission, which was AWESOME! It was so cool watching the changes that he has made in his life since his baptism:)))

We went to some intercambios, I went to Jaihuayco, so that was fun. I also got to go to the offices… (see that coach W? “got to”, not “had to” HAHAHAHAHAHA) to help ou with some reports.  We have a family of investigators that are super cool and this Sunday they brought their extended family, visiting from Argentina, so like 40 INVESTIGATORS SHOWED UP TO CHURCH! HAHAHAHAH, it was so awesome!!! They had fun and LOVED the church so we are going to work hard with them. They stay for like a month and then they are going back, but they say they will also go to church in Argentina:)
I’m not actually sure what else happened HAHHA in two weeks there are cambios, and I will likely leave… which stinks becasue I LOVE this ward and seriously, the pensionista is my best bud. She reminds me EXACTLY of mom when she was younger probably. HAHAHA like if I would have known you mom – a long time ago, I feel like this is how you were 🙂 SHE IS such a great young mom and example:)
Elder Hammond

January 8, 2018


My week went really well!! I loved it. We had interviews with President on Wednesday and we got to talk about the attributes of Christ. He assigned each one of us one to study during this next month in personal study and I got faith- So I am super pumped on studying faith and learning more about how it works. Especially how I can use it to call down the powers of heaven for my area and my life. I am SUPER PUMPED! because faith is literally the foundation of everything! So its gonna be cool:)

We had a super fun new year! We got permission to go to the zone leaders’ house and watch ALL of the fireworks from their roof and it was AWESOME!!!! It’s a bit crazier than our new year’s celebrations in the US of A. haha
We also had intercambios and I got to be with Elder Baros who is SUPPPPPERRR DOPE!!!!! we talked all night about faith and the priesthood -it was so awesome! That’s the funny part about the mission, hahaha, NO WHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD could you put two 19 year olds together and have them talk about scriptures until the morning. We also drank like 10 liters of mate during the stay-it was a bunch of fun to work with him. The area they are in has only had 6 new investigators in the past 4 months – and we found another one, so the Lord was blessing us:)))
Can I ask everyone to pray for the familia Huarachi? They are going to get baptized the 27th, but the mom is needing a job so she can quit working Sundays and come to church:) So we gotta pray she finds that and everything works out:)
We are working super hard and serving everyone!
It has been SO WEIRD because we are setting all of these goals and I like have my 6 month goals (mission) and second half goals!! ITS NUTS! Some of my goals for the end of my mission are: Read Study the BOM hardcore, in Spanish for 30 mins everyday, work on  supporting companion relationships so every comp is my brother before and after the mission, work to establish a habit of prayer that really brings me closer to my Heavenly Father every day (not just praying super long at night and in the morning but when I can and really talking to Him).
Keep being awesomenesss for everyone around you! Keep the faith and fight the good fight:)
Elder Hammond

December 18, 2017

599B9066-9BCD-4671-8A90-39D942903823SORRY my comp is super sick… so we have been running in and out of the Internet cafe.  We also have a cita in ten minutes so… making this a fast one!!



Cambios happened and Poma and I are together, so thats super great!!
We had a really spiritual lesson with a family this week. We were able to give them blessings and it was really one of the most spiritual experiences I have had in my mission. We also went to Bellavista and I baptized Franz, so that was SUPER!!!! I missed all of them!

The pensions kids were so scared we were gonna have a cambio, they all cried… and we went today and told them that we were staying and it was so cute we had a family group hug HAHA ❤

SEE YOU IN 6 Days!!!


December 11, 2017

Sorry I have little time, so making this shorter!

My week was awesome! we worked hard:). A TON of our investigator families are on summer vacation, and so we are finding more peeps who want to listen to the gospel. We are working with Alex and Cecilia who are siblings and super cool, the Family Nina who are AWESOME and super receptive. I was so haoppy to hear about Val getting baptized! thats awesome!!! We had a baptism of hermana Serena this saturday, so that was cooL! it went really well and a TON of people showed up to the baptism so that was super nice:)

Cocha is FINALLY in RAINY SEASON!  IT has rained like NONSTOP! it has been super chilly and there is snow on the mountains! Its super beautiful! The valley is COVERED in clouds!

On Friday we had a talent show and it went well.  I sang Silent  Night with elder Azolas from Lindo and it was super fun because he is a GREAT bass and so we had some fun harmonies:) We are preparing the zone choir for this Thursday, we have the Christmas conference, Wednesday we have the normal zone conference, and Saturday we might be able to go to a baptism from a previous area, so thats going to be super fun!!!

D2BE7BB9-DE0C-4FD5-BC05-4A976A168CF2We are working hard and really doing a TON of service for the 25 days of light the world:) Sorry we couldnt call you mom on that one day:/ hahahaha- next year!

Thanks for the prayers!!!
Elder Hammond