7/3/2017 Visit back to Bella Vista

HEllloooo everyone! Today was SO HAPPY for me!!!! I finally got to go back to my first area – Bella Vista and got to see some families that I missed SO MUCH!! 

Its so weird on the mission – we just meet these people, gain all of this love for them and then we are out- on to the next area. Usually its hard for the missionaries to go back to visit, so I was so happy and lucky to be able to go see some converts and see that they actually stayed “Coverts”! 

This week was a bit nuts! We had lots of stuff going on. President hansen sadly was trying to clean up the mission before the other president came, so we sent a LOT of elders home ūüė¶ But i think it was for the better. I kind of miss President Hansen, but I know that the new president is going to be great too. AND WOW. met him this week!!!! HE IS JUST THE DEFINITION OF POWER.
We went to the airport to pick him up and it was so funny! He just came out like the new missionaries- kinda in shock and like ‘why are they singing Called to Serve in a large group of people here’. HAHA You could tell that it was just an overwhelming situation. Flying like 29 hours from Provo, and then being tired and not knowing ANYTHING about the mission. ūüôā hahaha

SO, We had a meeting with him last night from 6-8, just the secretaries and the assitants, and then they gave us ice cream and we just talked, like they were our parents!It was so funny, they like waited for us to leave and didn’t want to kick us out! hahahaha the meeting was SO COOL! 
Our new President was a 70 and you can tell that he was one- hahha he teaches everytime he talks! and EVERYTHING he says is in a short quote that is like from a general conference- like I wanted to write EVERYTHING he said down! 

He is definitely more focused on doing things simply and efficiently, and on PEOPLE. He has changed a lot of rules, and at first we were like WHATTTTTT but then we realized they were all to help the missionaries be more consecrated.
But this week we met an AMAZING FAMILY! they are ALL interested and just so willing to sacrifice what they need to so they can follow the example of jesus christ!They really are an example for me!:) I love you all!!!!!!
Elder Hammond

The Blessings of the Temple

DSCF7524[1]This week was AWESOME!!! If I named my week, it would definitely be “THE BLESSINGS OF THE TEMPLE!” We got to go to the temple with some converts from my last area, so that was awesome to go see them do baptisms! Plus, it just made me so happy to see them and know that they are reading the BOM and going to the temple all the way from Potos√≠! They really are converts – they are changed, not just people who were baptized. I really missed them too. Their mom is hilarious!!! hahaha

We worked a ton in the offices, and also in our area! We were just street contacting like crazy when not in the office and it was a blast! I really have gained a love of just going up and talking to the people here:) It’s so funny, they get really scared sometimes! I have to say,¬† “CHILL, I’m just a dude trying to make you happy and change your life!”


I think the big lesson of this week was “and me third.” My comp told me this story about how once a general authority went to a house of a member and on his wall was a giant sign that said ” Y YO TERCERO” (AND ME THIRD) The gen auth, asked what it meant and the member replied that it meant that God is first and the rest of the people are second, and he, the member himself, is third. I LOVE THIS!!!! I want this to be my personal motto because if we are third on that list, then we have charity for EVERYONE!!! Just putting others’ needs above our own is the way Christ lived, and I have to focus to be more like him.

I think that was my week, We went to the temple as a mission this morning and it was such a RECHARGE of my spiritual battery! It was so AWESOME!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!
Stay happy!
Come what may and love it! And us third;)

Elder Hammond


June 19, 2017


This week was NUTS -so much stuff!!!! This week we had the new elders come in and they were super cool! We went to go pick them up, take them to lunch, work a bit with them and then we had the meetings and more lunches. Lots of fun stuff:)

We also had the zone conferences, and they were so COOL!!! I learned a lot of new stuff, and it was awesome! President was a bit sad and funny as always. This is the last time that he is going to be in a zone conference. He goes home the 30th, so that’s kinda sad, but exciting to meet our new President. We got to be the ones that got lunch for everyone and that was an AWESOME assignment!! We got this thing that is basically the Bolivian Chipotle and its SO FREAKING YUMMY. The next day we we in charge of the food again and it was this Red Robin-type burger thing and it was just so yummy too!!! It was a great week of food – and kind of nice to be in the city ūüôā

We also got to work. We have a family of investigators, Justi and Jessica. They are super cool and have their answers, but are a bit nervous. So, please pray for them this week. We had an amazing lesson with a less active who had his brother die. (He’s from Brasil and when he got emotional he would just switch to Portuguese – hahaha we had no idea what he was saying sometimes) However, the lesson was so spiritual! It was just like the Spirit came and gave him a HUGE hug. We ALL cried and it was so awesome!

We had a great Sunday; we were VERY surprised when SEVEN investigators showed up to the church on Sunday and they brought their FAMILIES AND FRIENDS!!!! I know its because of all of your great prayers:) I seriously love you guys so much! I miss you a ton, but I KNOW this is the best place for me and that this is the best place for the gospel to be:) These people are just ready, but they don¬īt know where to look for it. We have got to open our mouths! Baptisms aren¬īt just for missionaries!!!! THEY ARE FOR EVERYONE!

Every time we say “yeah, they will find the missionaries, and then be taught,” we are denying someone the opportunity to repent and gain their salvation! I, for one, do not want to be in front of God on the day of judgement and say “Oh, that one of your kids? Oh yeah, they weren¬īt gonna listen.” We have to share the gospel because these people in the world are ready and prepared, its just US as members that aren’t ready or prepared to share with them the JOY we have! Who wouldn’tt want to be with their families for forever? Who wouldn’t want to know that there is a prophet like Moses here now on the earth? Just think about it. Our church is for everyone and makes EVERYONE stronger in their faith. I always tell people this, “If there were another church that helped you come closer to Jesus, or grow your faith, better than our church, I would SEND YOU THERE! But there isn’t. There just is not!” We don’t want people to change their faith, their beliefs, we just want people to come and bring their faith and EVERYTHING and then see if we can augment it. That’s why we are here. Repent and grow in our faith. Be obedient. Love.

I love you guys A TON!!!!! be great missionaries;)

Elder Hammond

ps… great groups to listen too.

Bonner Family- I need thee – HAHA EVERYDAY HERE!!!!!
Lauren Daigle- trust in you(?) I think of her as the church Adele
BYU Vocal Point- ESPECIALLY It is well with my soul.
Claire Ryann (just because she is SO CUTE hahaha -the cutest BABY!!!)

ūüôā LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!

Loving the City!

HELLOOOO everyone!!!!

My week was super awesome!!! On Monday for P-Day we played soccer and it was AWESOME! so nice being able to have air here and breathe:)))
However, an elder landed badly and shattered his ankle- so all Monday we were in the hospital helping him. Then Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday I was just running necessary errands¬†for the offices, or with the elder keeping him company in the hospital. They operated on him and he is doing a lot better now – but we got to spend some quality time in the hospital together ūüôā
Friday and Saturday were great though –¬†we FINALLY got to work!!!¬†On Friday we went to some awesome citas¬†and met some people who want to be baptized – so¬†that’s awesome:)
On Saturday we did a sweet activity. We went to a HUGE plaza in the city and put up a table that said “gratis”¬†with a bunch of church¬†magazines and everything to give away. We just talked with people and actually¬†found a BUNCH of new investigators.
On Sunday it was Elder Olsen¬īs (my compi) birthday and so of course we celebrated with a pique and a mud pie, and threw A TON of eggs at him – Bolivia!¬†I seriously love the house here, because it’s the four secretaries living together¬†and it is¬†a blast! We decided then to wash the eggs¬†off, we¬†would do¬†the ice bucket challenge:))) HAHAHAHAHA but no ice because in the words of one elder: “welcome to bolivia” But seriously, Bolivia is the best. Its a bit sad that I have like only a year left. Kinda a bummer. I really am not going to want to leave, but I just hope I can live up to my potential as a missionary here:)
Tomorrow night fruit pizza:) ¬†its gonna be great and tonight chicken parmesean:)))) WHOOOOO good cooking nights:))) hahha – it’s nice to be in the city again! I love all of you!!!! hope you have great weeks:)
Elder Hammond

Moving to the Offices!

Helloooooo everyone from my office:) haha

This week was an interesting one! We had a great week –¬†on Monday we played some pool on our P-Day. On Tuesday, we had some goodbyes¬†for some of the elders! That was sad. We had some food and said chao and all that good stuff. On Wednesday we had our interview with Milton who was READY for his baptism. It was so cool to see him ready for this. He had studied and PRAYED about every single one of the principles that we had taught him and that was way AWESOME!!!! He was just so prepared as an investigator and a chosen son of God! He’s got big things ahead starting with the mission!!

On Thursday I got the call at 9¬†am from President Hansen, who¬†says, “Elder Hammond, I know you love to just get down and dirty and work, but, God has a bigger plan for you. I need you to be the Secretary of Records for the mission. You will be in charge of the transition for the new president. You will leave tomorrow morning… oh wait, you have a baptism, right? Okay, you¬īll leave Saturday night. Oh no, the confirmation. You are going to leave Monday morning” haha He is so smart and cool and just thinks so hard about everything, its awesome! So the rest of the week was a blur… packing, working, saying bye to everyone. The baptism was AWESOME!!!! It was so cool to be able to baptize Milton:)
This morning I got up, said goodbye to everyone (my comp and the pension) and then at 6:30 am took off to Sucre. Then I got on a plane to Cocha and then since then I have been here working! It’s kinda a lot to do! I am in charge of all of the records of the mission. So any baptismal records, any referrals, all of the English stuff (tests) and any question Presi has about the numbers.¬†I find everything and do the reports for him!¬† I’m in charge of making sure all the missionaries put in their key indicators:)¬†¬†Basically, it’s like a real world job. I go in at 8 and leave at 6, daily.
Congrats to Taylor for getting married!!!! Whoooooooooooo the Philly temple looks great!! I love it!!!
That’s my week. I’m not really that sure about my duties yet, but I’m sure next week I will be more sure:)) hahaha I love you all!!!!
Elder Hammond
PS Sorry no pics! I have lots but my cord is packed up!

Fear No Man


I’m just¬†SO HAPPY to get to talk to you guys on Mother’s Day!!!

Basically this past week was pretty normal –¬†working hard:))) We did have some miracles happen. I really learned about being bold and loving. Fear no man! I mean as long as you have love, you can NEVER be too bold to anyone!!!!!
This week Elder Vargas was struggling a bit. He still is super scared to talk to people and¬†we had the¬†coolest experience.¬†I sat him down and said “Vargas, do you know who you are?” and he totally thought it was a primary question HAHA “A child of God, duh.”
I just smiled and read to him 3 Nephi 5:13 which says
Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have
everlasting life.
We talked about how we ARE disciples of Christ and have been called here to DECLARE the word.¬† AS DISCIPLES OF CHRIST WE FEAR NO MAN. It was awesome! I am so thankful¬†for that last year of high school where I really didn’t care what people said/thought about me -because that and this year have helped SO MUCH.¬† I’m not scared to talk to any people!!! We have changed as missionaries here in out in this satellite area. We don’t fear men, its become our motto this week.
I just told¬†Vargas “Look, I’m here to declare the word and baptize. I fear no man, and that includes you. I am either going to baptize with or without you. I would prefer with you, BUT its up to you.” He is a good guy and together, we have¬†become so much more! Now that I realize we can be as bold as we need to be, I¬†think completely differently.
We have been having problems with our bishop and his attitude towards the mission work. So, I went up and talked to him about how he is great and then we talked about how “when two people get along its because they both want what’s right. When people clash its because they have differing opinions of how to do what is right.” I told him, “Bishop,¬†I think you¬†want what is best for your ward, your part of heaven here in Potosi,¬†so maybe –¬†it’s me. If it is me tell me how and I will change.” We have been working together a LOT better now!!! Our investigators are PROGRESSING and¬†we are going to have a baptism on the 20th, so that’s AWESOME!!!!!!!
I miss you all and Love you more!!!!
Elder Hammond
PS also we went to mine on PDay:) haha.  This mine has been open for 400 years Рsince the Spaniards came and started digging!


20 Dayyzzzzz, Mom!


This week was awesome! We had a bunch of blessings, trials, and learning experiences. We had lost contact with a bunch of investigators, because I was sick for a few weeks, but this week we were able to find a TON of them – It was sweeeeet! I was so happy, because some of them really have desires to change their lives, and I am so thankful that God let me be here to help:) DSCF7270[1]

This week we went with one of the counselors in the¬†bishopric and we went to a place where there are SO MANY DRUNK PEOPLE. At first I’ll admit, I was a little¬†scared, but then I totally had an Eyring moment where I saw them all as children of God, and really started to love them. We found an investigator, who really is amazing, he is just addicted. We took him to his house and had an AMAZING lesson!!! He really felt the spirit and promised us some big stuff, and then the rest of the week, he left us hanging… so we kinda were worried, BUT on Sunday HE SHOWED UP TO CHURCH! I am not gonna lie, I totally cried. hahaha. ¬†He was showered and shaved and hadn¬īt touched alcohol for the WHOLE WEEK! It was such a blessing and a strengthening of my testimony of the atonement of Jesus Christ. I know we can change our lives through the Atonement of Christ, and I really love teaching the joy of the Christ’s Atonement to others.

I am so thankful I’m here. Really, being in the mission was the best choice I have ever made!!!! I love it here, and am so happy to be a tool in the hand of God. In other news, we were supposed to have a baptism next week, but the dude MOVED TO SUCRE! haha We are sad, but he is going to be baptized there, so it’s perfect!¬†Other than that, we had a solid week –¬†worked and studied hard:))

We had elder Balderrama come and that was cool, but definitely made me nervous to play piano for the meeting HAHAHAHA – these people think I can play!¬†But it all went well, thank goodness. ūüôā
Potosi, our area, probably is going to go back to a district and not a stake, but we are all hoping it happens if that is what the Lord wants, so that it can fix some of the issues we have here. However, we are not worried too much, because we are going to work hard either way!!!!
Love you all! Be safe and love others;)
Elder Hammond